Current Honors Students should…

  1. Take an Honors course (general studies or H Option) every year; 
  2. Participate in Honors activities, such as HSAB programs, book club, alumni panels, and more;
  3. Attend Honors Program information sessions; and
  4. Visit with the program director or associate director from time to time to make sure you are on track.

The following policies are required of all Honors students in order to remain in good standing in the UNK Honors Program:

  • All Honors students must enroll in at least one Honors course each academic year. Exceptions may be granted for certain circumstances, but the student should contact program staff for approval.

  • All Honors students must maintain at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA. If an Honors student’s GPA drops below this minimum, the student will be suspended from the program. The student will be given the opportunity to appeal.

  • All Honors students must maintain at least a 3.25 GPA in their Honors courses in order to receive Honors credit.

  • All Honors students must maintain an electronic portfolio that documents their Honors Program activities and accomplishments. Regular trainings are offered on the ePortfolio, and there is an instructional video on this web site.

  • Advising is required for all UNK students. Honors students who have a declared major(s) should meet with their departmental based advisor(s). The departmental advisor(s) will remove advising holds. Deciding majors can either visit with the Honors director or associate director as well as visit with the Academic Advising and Career Development Office for academic advice and for removal of advising holds.

  • Honors freshmen are required to meet with either the Honors director or associate director in both their fall and spring semesters.

  • All Honors students must complete the 18-hour Honors credit hours requirements (9 hours of Honors General Studies, at least 3 Honors Options or 9 hours). Students must submit the Honors Senior Study in order to complete the Honors Program. The Honors credit hours must be part of the official UNK transcript.

  • UNK Freshmen who wish to join the Honors Program should apply after their first semester, and before their third semester. 

  • The Honors Director may remove a student from the UNK Honors Program and cancel scholarships from the Honors Program if the student is found to have violated the UNK student code of conduct or failed to comply with the policies described above. If such a decision is made, the student will have the right to appeal.