Earn While You Learn

A good education can be hard work.

A large majority of UNK students rely on the Office of Student Employment Services to find jobs on campus—and within the Kearney community—that can help pay for their UNK education. They are web administrators, sports officials, day care educators, assistants at local nursing homes, and even security guards at the Museum of Nebraska Art. In the process, they can generate valuable income and gain invaluable work experience.

Facts from the Office of Student Employment Services

  • We average 125 job listings at any one time.
  • We average 600-750 job referrals per month during the school year.
  • We work with a pool of 500+ employers.
  • Employers tell us they are more inclined to hire students who use a résumé to apply for work over those who don’t.

We have a two-percent unemployment rate, so jobs are plentiful in the Kearney area. Students who want to work are able to find employment.

Part-time jobs can lead to exciting careers.

Our students are valued employees within the Kearney community. When you visit our campus, stroll over to the Office of Student Employment Services. You’ll see bulletin-boards overflowing with job postings that range from On-Campus Work Study jobs, to Non-Work Study On-Campus jobs, to Community Service Work Study jobs, to local jobs off-campus. In addition, the office also offers a free service that links UNK students to employers in every sector of the Kearney community so that they can graduate with an entire network of connections to help them launch successful careers.

Special notes.

  • Work Study Job Postings: Students are required to have been awarded, and accepted, Federal Work Study eligibility before pursuing a Federal Work Study job. For more information on work-study eligibility, contact the Office of Financial Aid.
  • International Students: International students do qualify to work upon arrival at UNK; however, they must work on campus in part-time, non-work-study jobs, which can be difficult to locate. In addition, we are very limited in the help we can provide with your job search because of the restrictions placed on your options to work. For more information about being an international student at UNK, visit the International Offices.