Applied Learning

When you visit UNK, be sure to eavesdrop on conversations around the campus, in the cafeteria, at the library, along the hallways.

You’ll hear a biology major talking about her research presentation on the Medaka (Oryzias) Latipes Cyclin B1 gene at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR). A psychology student passionately explaining his investigation into the effects of urban, natural, and built environments on stress reduction. A marketing student discussing her investigation into the complexities of charitable donations.

Recent UNK student research presented at NCUR

  • Creating an interactive learning tool for event-handling in Java
  • Analyzing the development of wells in Phelps County, Nebraska
  • Studying the environmental price of industrialization through the development of Maquiladoras
  • Using attachment theory to explain addictive patterns of Internet use
  • Exploring agnostic behavior in two subpopulations of Sandhill Cranes
  • Examining the impact and retention of Generation X'ers in the workplace

Small class sizes. Big opportunities.
One of the biggest advantages of UNK’s small class sizes, and focus on undergraduate education, is that students are able to collaborate extensively with faculty on original and meaningful research.

Beginning as early as your freshman year, you will begin to study published experiments, explore research literature, analyze data, master relevant laboratory and field techniques, and learn to accurately interpret your findings. Subsequently, you are very likely to go on to do independent research with faculty mentors. (Example of a student-faculty research project at UNK.)

UNK sends more than 50 students to the NCUR every year. 
More students from UNK attend the National Conference on Undergraduate Research every year than from almost any other university in the country. The high quality of our student research also ensures that many of these projects are accepted by major regional, national and international professional conferences and publications.      

Such a variety of practical experiences not only becomes invaluable bullet points on your resume when you graduate, but enriches your UNK education—giving you a significant edge as you begin your career. Few universities offer you so many opportunities to change the world (a little bit) and impact your field even before you graduate.

If those are the kind of educational adventures you have in mind, apply to UNK today. Or arrange a campus visit to talk to some of our faculty and students about your research interests.