Many valuable experiential learning activities happen in the organizations, activities, jobs and friendships you cultivate during college. Create Your Own Adventure is a program in which students can be intentional about learning the soft skills that are valued by employers across the spectrum, regardless of discipline. Those skills include leadership, effective communications, professionalism, interpersonal relationships, problem solving, teamwork, digital technology, and cultural competency and diversity. You will have the ability to participate in a co-curricular set of activities and events that will enhance your personal and professional development, encourage and facilitate civic engagement, and complement your academic development.

Faculty and staff across campus will design student Pathways, which are a set of activities and events that leads a student from initial interest in an area, through increasingly involved or sequential activities, to achieve proficiency in that area. For example, the “Employability” Pathway is designed to develop a well-appointed rèsumè and the professional skills that lead to interest from future employers. Students will be led through a series of activities from the first year through graduation to complete that Pathway.

Watch Video: Student Engagement Builds Leadership Skills”