The Value of a Major in Economics

A Business Administration Comprehensive Program with an emphasis in economics prepares a student for a career in many facets of business, law or accounting.   It also paves the way for graduate school in the areas of finance management, marketing, public administration, law, political science, gerontology, social work, criminal justice and accounting. The Mission of the Department is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully compete in tomorrow's business environment and graduate studies. This mission is accomplished through the expertise of a knowledgeable faculty, by technological integration, by the stimulation of professional growth in students and by applied faculty and student research projects that serve the region.

Career Opportunities for Economists are found in financial and health service institutions. Government at all levels employs about a fourth of all economists. In addition to familiar Federal Agencies such as the Federal Reserve Board and the Department of Agriculture, other public policy agencies hire economists for urban and regional planning, health administration, state and local government fiscal analysis, economic development planning and environmental impact analysis. Further information can be found at the National Association of Business Economist web site at