Leadership in Instructional Technology Endorsement

Endorsement: Leadership in Instructional Technology Endorsement
Degree Level: Graduate
Credit Hours: 27 credit hours
Delivery Format: Online
Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree and Teacher Certification

The Leadership in Instructional Technology track leads to a supplemental endorsement for the Nebraska Department of Education. It is designed to provide administrative and leadership skills in the use of technology in school settings. In addition to developing instructional technology skills, the candidate will develop technology administration abilities, manage professional development resources, and will be able to provide instructional technology leadership for his or her school building or district. For certified teachers, this track will lead to a supplemental endorsement in Leadership in instructional Technology. For non-teachers, this track does not lead to the initial teaching certificate but it does allow for flexibility in course selection and inclusion of additional management and administrative technology courses.
All the classes taken for the Leadership in Instructional Technology track apply towards the Master of Science in Education in Instructional Technology degree.

Leadership in Instructional Technology Endorsement 

(27 hours required)

TE 810 - Design and Development of Instruction
TE 868 - Copyright, Fair Use, and Ethics
TE 870 - Developing Web-based Portfolios
TE 877 - Developing Web-based Educational Environments
TE 878 - Leadership in Instructional Technology
TE 880 - Management of Educational Technology
TE 882 - Teacher Development Training in Instructional Technology
TE 891 - Field Experiences in Instructional Technology

Take one course from:

TE 876 - Integration of Curriculum, Technology, and Media Resources
TE 886P - Technology Tools for Teachers

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