High Ability Education/Gifted K-12 Endorsement

Endorsement: High Ability Education/Gifted K-12 Endorsement
Degree Level: Graduate
Credit Hours: 18 credit hours
Delivery Format: Online
Prerequisites: Bachelor’s Degree with a Teacher Certification

The High Ability Education/Gifted K-12 Endorsement is designed to prepare educators with the knowledge base and competencies necessary for the appropriate education of gifted and talented learners. These 18 credit hours are necessary for the Nebraska Supplementary Endorsement in Gifted Education. Students pursuing certification in other states must check with their State Department of Education for certification requirements.

Required Courses (18 hours) 
TESE 816C - Practicum in Gifted Education
TESE 822P - The Psychology and Education of Gifted and Talented Learners
TESE 823P - Guiding the Social and Emotional Development of Gifted/Talented Learners
TESE 824 - Identification, Assessment, and Evaluation for Gifted/Talented Education
TESE 825 - Curriculum Design and Development for Gifted/Talented Education
TESE 826 - Program Design for Gifted/Talented Education

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