Shuvalaxmi Dass

Assistant Professor, Cyber Systems

Office: DSCH 344   |    Phone: (308) 865-8340   |    Email:

Shuvalaxmi Dass


Shuvalaxmi Dass is an interdisciplinary investigator with expertise in cybersecurity, evolutionary algorithms, machine learning, and reinforcement learning. Her research work lies at the cross-section of AI, cybersecurity, and evolutionary algorithms. She is studying the impact of integrating different evolutionary algorithms with reinforcement learning to develop software frameworks to secure misconfigured software applications from attacks. As a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) by the EC-Council, she is trained to identify security vulnerabilities which malicious hackers could exploit. She publishes papers in the field of security and presentresearch at industry gatherings like Computers, Software, and Applications Conference(COMPSAC) and the Symposium of Applied Computing (SAC). Her industry experience includes being a data scientist where she worked on time series forecasting of inventory management for retail stores like Sprouts.

Ph.D., Computer Science, Texas Tech University
M.S., Software Engineering, Gautam Buddha University
B.S., Computer Science, Gautam Buddha University

Area of expertise and research:
Machine learning
Application security
Evolutionary algorithm
Reinforcement learning
Security testing
Cyber security

2 questions and answers:

How did you become interested in this subject?
It started with a desire to protect us and our personal information online. I find it a perfect blend of technology and problem-solving skill.

How can I do well in your class?
Be regular and attentive in my class. If you follow my lectures and do your assignments diligently, you will be able to score well.