Jacques Bou Abdo

Assistant Professor, Cyber Systems

Office: DSCH 345   |    Phone: (308) 865-8327   |    Email: bouabdoj@unk.edu

Jacques Bou Abdo


Jacques Bou Abdo is an interdisciplinary researcher currently studying cyber and strategic deterrence, the universal laws underlying the flow of information and disinformation in irregular warfare, the flow of cyberattacks and network resilience in cyber warfare, and the flow of infectious diseases in biological warfare. He previously served as assistant professor of computer science at Notre Dame University and was a Fulbright visiting scholar at the University of Kentucky. His industry experience includes three years at Nokia and being the founder of two technology startups which specialized in rural entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, and cyber warfare. He has written extensively in his field about machine learning, cybersecurity, and Mobile IoT & Cloud. His work has received grant funds for research on Nuclear Deterrence Theory for a Multi-Polar World and Disposable Identities for Web-Privacy.

Ph.D., Computer Sciences, Sorbonne University
Ph.D., Management Science, Paris-Saclay University
M.E., Telecommunication Networks, Saint Joseph University - Lebanon
B.A., Business Administration, Lebanese University
B.E., Electrical Engineering, Lebanese University

Areas of Expertise and Research:

Cyber warfare
Computational economics
Machine learning
Network economic

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