CSIT Alumni

CSIT Alumni Faculty and Students

CSIT alumni are employed all over the world, and include:

  • Men and women who are experts in cloud computing, health informatics, and gaming
  • CIOs, patent attorneys, and authors
  • Central Nebraska employees at Buckle, Xpanxion, and Cabela’s
  • Omaha employees at Mutual of Omaha; First National Bank of Omaha; and PayPal
  • Lincoln employees at Sandhills Publishing; Fiserv; and Hudl
  • Employees at Intel, Microsoft, Harvard, Princeton, Lockheed Martin, and more.

Our alumni are employed in almost every industry imaginable – defense, banking, health care, gaming, retail, education, etc. We have employers who tell us that they prefer our graduates to any other programs’ graduates.

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Quotes from recent CSIT Alumni

Why should I choose UNK to study this Computer Science (CS) or Information Technology (IT)? What is different about these majors at UNK?
Casey I had several great options to study CS. I chose UNK because of the smaller campus size, personal interactions with dedicated professors, and the growing CS program UNK had to offer. I really enjoyed having smaller class sizes, as I was not just a number in an ocean of students. I felt the professors really cared about my education and took time to meet one-on-one for any help I needed. UNK provided a great educational environment, where professors didn't just tell students what to do, but rather worked with them. The best education I received at UNK was learning "how to learn".

I wasn't handed handed answers to my many questions. Instead, my professors encouraged me to dig deeper and look closer at the problem at hand to find the solution. This was by far the greatest asset going into my career as a CS security professional. UNK provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge as well as the skills to learn on my own and truly succeed in the "real world". Casey, May 2010 graduate; Cybersecurity R&D, Critical Infrastructure Systems, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Kelsey When visiting colleges my senior year of high school, I visited each of the Universities in the Nebraska system and one in South Dakota. Both UNO and UNL were not a fit for me, and only upon visiting UNK did I realize why that was. Coming from a small Nebraska town, Kearney was just the size of city I was looking for, without being too intimidating and the campus just felt right. Talking to the CS professors further solidified my choice. The professors care about each of their students professionally and personally. It is due in large part to this caring that I’m in the position I am now.

My instructors encouraged me to look for an internship early in my college years, and I found a position as a Jr. Web Developer at The Buckle, Inc. Upon graduation, I was offered a full-time position with The Buckle which made for a smooth transition into my professional career. I currently work on a team that is responsible for the maintenance, upkeep, and improvements of The Buckle’s global eCommerce website. Every day presents a new challenge, but I would not be in the position I am now without the education I received from UNK’s Computer Science program. Kelsey, May 2012 graduate; Web Developer, Buckle Inc. Kearney, NE

While searching for a good university in the United States, I had my options widely open as none of those universities would be close to my home (I am from Nepal) and none of them would be cheaper than what I would have liked the tuition costs to be. I was looking for a college that has great programs in Information Systems and Technology, affordable tuition costs, lots of opportunities to get scholarships and an environment to make me feel I was at home away from home. After spending five precious years at UNK, I am very proud of my decision for choosing UNK. Sujan, May 2007 graduate; Software Analyst, West Corporation, Omaha, NE

You should choose UNK because this school will prepare you for a job. Most schools will give you skills useful in the work place but here at Kearney I have found that the professors really prepare you to hit the ground running after you graduate. UNK gives you the tools and experience to out-compete other graduates, at a great price. Professors at UNK are here because they like to teach and want students to succeed, not because they selfishly want to pursue their own research. At the same time you are getting a great education at UNK you will also enjoy a great social atmosphere and a very fun loving and open campus. You will not have a difficult time finding friends on campus. Jeff, December 2007 graduate; Harris Corp., Omaha, NE

At UNK you get a unique experience for a computer science or computer information systems major. You have access to free tutors to help you out when you are having trouble with you classes. The professors in the UNK Computer Science & Information Systems department are also very helpful and understanding. They grade all of their students’ assignments themselves and do not have a teacher’s aid do it for them. This gives you a great opportunity to get feedback from the instructor and makes the content easier to understand. Michael A, May 2009 CIS graduate, Intellicom, Inc. Kearney, NE

How would you characterize the CS and IT programs?

I would characterize the UNK Computer Science and IT program as quite advanced. A big portion of today’s technological industry is focused on web applications, and at UNK, you have the opportunity to learn many of the technologies that will put you ahead in this field. For example, Java applets and servlets are now being used by companies all over. Here at UNK, you will begin your education by learning Java. I would have to say that our quality faculty, and small class sizes, allow for a better overall learning experience. Jed, May 2008 graduate, Harris Corp, Bellevue, NE

What are you most proud of in CSIT department?

I am proud of the great things we get to do. In this major other students and I can actually create something that could be used in the future. Other majors write papers which aren’t nearly as fun. CSIT has a great group of professors that are knowledgeable and make coming to class seem like a joy rather than a chore. With computer science I find myself working on projects and programs just for fun. Even the homework and projects I get to do are enjoyable. I have made countless games and other programs for classes and I still play some of the games. I am also proud on how well everyone gets along and knows each other. Class seems more like a group of friends rather than a group of students. Mark, May 2008 graduate, Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, IA

What kind of research is available for undergraduates?

Each faculty member has their specialized area of interest, but they encourage everyone to pursue their own interests as well. Dr. Sherri Harms regularly participates in nation-wide data mining research; and Dr. John Hastings is a leader in the field of case-based reasoning. Any one of these professors would be willing to guide a student in research in their field of expertise. The Summer Student Research Program at UNK is incredible. They will fund 3 months of research if you choose to utilize it. One summer I created an interface that converted video signals to audio output, trying to discover an implementation to aid the blind. Dustin, May 2008 graduate, eDataSource, Waverly, NE

What kinds of internship opportunities are available to students in CS & IT majors? When do students typically apply for these?

There are many internship possibilities for students at UNK. From local businesses like The Buckle, Sandhills Publishing and Xpanxion to national companies like Principal Financial Group. I know that after a student passes their first year classes they are able to apply for paid experience at many companies around Kearney. I completed a summer internships with The Principal Financial Group, the summer before I graduated. Students usually start looking for internships their last two summers before they graduate (after their sophomore year). Local businesses will hire freshman and I know that Principal will hire interns after they complete their freshman year. Jeff, December 2007 graduate, Harris Corp., Omaha, NE

To get prepared for graduation, and to help solidify your resume, it is important to take an internship somewhere. Twice a year, UNK has a career fair. While in progress, it gives students the opportunity to meet with potential employers. It was because of this career fair that I received my internships last summer. Students usually apply for internships during their junior year, but it is never too early to apply for an internship. The more experience, the better! Jed, May 2008 graduate, Harris Corp, Bellevue, NE

How did your experience at UNK help you succeed in your career?

Brian When I came to UNK, I was unsure what I wanted to do. I took my first computer science course as part of my general studies requirements and I knew I had found my new major. The faculty and staff of the CSIT department taught me everything I needed to know to be a successful programmer and provided me the professional networking that helped me start my career before I even graduated. Brian, May 2011 graduate, Software Developer, Epic, Madison, WI

My experience at UNK has given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice which is Computer Information Systems. Whether it was staying late night to complete programming assignments for java and PHP classes or being out all day visiting companies for telecom preceptorship course, I now feel I have gained lots knowledge, skills and confidence from those experiences. In addition to learning practical skills, being at UNK has also taught me a lot about social sciences such as sociology and history. My time at UNK has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills more under the super vision of very helpful and experienced professors, taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world and people and gave me degree, skills and confidence to walk in the path of success. Sujan, May 2007 graduate; Software Analyst, West Corporation, Omaha, NE