Go for Launch


Go for Launch is a three-day, two-night hands-on camp hosted at UNK for entrepreneurially minded high school students. Participants will experience business development and ownership by learning from seasoned entrepreneurs and business professionals. They will work together to innovatively solve a business challenge in a supportive and experiential learning environment. Students attending will receive a certificate of completion from UNK.

The program includes all food and materials. Participants must apply by the application deadline. Registration fee is $200 if paid by April 1, $250 if paid by May 1, and $300 after May 2.

For questions, call 308.865.8199 or email Aliese at hoffmanal2@unk.edu


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the camp look like?

You and a team of entrepreneurs will start a company over the course of three days. We provide work space, invite participants with a wide range of backgrounds, cater food, pick the best ideas for startups during the Wednesday morning brainstorming session, and pitch the business model by the end of day three. The goal is to help students learn about the process of how to start a business.

If I participate, what will I get out of it?

You will learn real entrepreneurship skills and get to interact with industry leading mentors. Great connections happen at Go for Launch: complementary skill sets collide, cofounders meet, and friends are made!

What kind of ideas are allowed?

Ideas with scalable business models are strongly preferred. our selection criteria for ideas are (1) your amount of passion and (2) the amount of research on your own idea that you perform.

What about food? Sleep?

G4L caters all meals, drinks, and in-between snacks. Participants will be staying in a residence hall on the UNK campus.

What should I bring?

A laptop with power cord (we can provide one to you if you do not have your own), lots or creative energy, and anything else you need to be productive!