Applying for Student Teaching

Online ECI and Online SPED Students

In order to complete your Fall 2020 student teaching semester, you must provide the Educator Certification office application materials by Tuesday, February 4, 2020.
Complete Application Materials Include the following which should be Mailed or dropped off in (DO NOT FAX OR EMAIL documents):

For ECI - COE B117 with Staci Jacobson

For SPED - COE C128 in the Educator Certification Office

  1. Student Teaching Application - 1 copy.
  2. Personal Data Form - 4 copies for each endorsement.
  3. Transcripts – One set of transcripts stapled to each Personal Data Form. Request 1 set from the Registrar and then make copies after first whiting out the social security number.
  4. Completed background check.

START by reviewing the attached PowerPoint “Applying for Student Teaching Online Version”. Please review this entire PowerPoint before you do anything else. It answers all questions about the rules and regulations, placement procedures, application process, and requirements during student teaching.

You will need the following documents:

Additional documents that will be helpful when filling out the Application Form and the Personal Data Form: