Adulting 101

Some skills are taught in the classroom, but students can’t possibly learn every life skill just be attending high school. Enactus has made it our goal to better prepare high school juniors and seniors for life after high school. Whether students decide to attend college or enter into the workforce, they will face new situations they have not been faced with before and Enactus wants to help them be better prepared with the knowledge to succeed. We will be hosting an event called “Adulting 101” on the University of Nebraska Kearney campus and we invite current high school students to attend.

The day will be structured in a way that allows students to choose topics that are of interest to them that may include: tax preparation, personal finance, professionalism and career readiness, laundry, dorm living, and staying healthy in college.

During the applied learning portion of the day, students will have the opportunity to have resumes critiqued, have professional headshots taken, participate in mock interviews, learn about professional attire, and learn basic car maintenance. Students are welcome to bring resumes and/or dress professionally for their headshot photo.  At the conclusion of the day, UNK admissions invites you to stick around, if your schedule allows, for a campus tour. Please let us know if you are planning to take a campus tour so we have enough tour guides available.