Business Teacher Education Program

Think Teaching, Think UNKSiegelStudent

A degree in Business Teacher Education Provides:

  • Opportunities to teach in public and private schools or community colleges.
  • Excellent opportunities outside of teach in business.
  • Expertise in using technology
  • A career compatible with family life

Explore Business Education at the University of NE at Kearney:

  • Endorsement area: Business, Marketing, and Information Technology (field)
  • Promotes entrepreneurship
  • Required classes in management, economics, marketing, management information systems, accounting, and business administration
  • Membership in Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) College organization affiliated with Future Business Leaders of American (FBLA for high school students)

Prepare Tomorrow's Workforce:

  • Help students develop professional soft skills, technical skills, and knowledge necessary for business occupations
  • Prepare students for post-secondary business courses and programs
  • Help students become successful, productive citizens, consumers, and workers

Make a difference!  Become a Business Education Teacher.