Dr. Thomas Freeman

Associate Professor

Office: BHS 241   |    Phone: (308) 865-8595   |    Email: freemantl@unk.edu

Dr. Thomas Freeman


Areas of Interest:

  • Morphology and condition indexes of diurnal raptors
  • Indices as measures of wildlife abundance
  • Habitat characterization


Professional Affiliations:

Dissertation and Thesis:

  • Freeman, T. L. 1996. Nucleotide sequence and regulation of the exuT complementing DNA of Erwinia chrysanthemi. Ph. D. Dissertation, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas
  • Freeman, T. L. 1993. Cloning and characterization of the galacturonic acid uptake system in Erwinia chrysamhemi EC16. M. S. Thesis, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas.


  • Freeman, T. L.  2016.  Winter's Hawk: Red-tails on the Southern Plains.  Book review for The Wilson Journal of Ornithology.  128(2):467-68.
  • Schoenebeck, C. W., Turco, M., Fahrlander, R. M., Darveau, K. M., and Freeman, T. L.  2014.  Sex and age group specific changes in body condition of red-tailed hawks in central Nebraska.  The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 126(3):575-580.
  • Freeman, T. L.  2014.  Diurnal raptors of Buffalo County Nebraska. The Prairie Naturalist 46:48-49.
  • Freeman, T. L.  2011.  Monitoring the annual increase in garlic mustard in eastern Nebraska. Proceedings of the 22nd North American Prairie Conference. 2011. 22:146-147.
  • Freeman, T. L.  2010.  Riparian forest associated with tall-grass prairie: species composition and distribution along the Missouri River of central Nebraska. North American Prairie Conference 21:63-68.