Admission and Registration



Students who are participating in the Dual Enrollment Program for the first time must apply for admission.  An admissions representative from UNK will visit your high school at the beginning of the semester to assist students with admission to UNK and with the registration process. Please check with the high school dual credit instructor or the high school counselor for the exact date and time the representative will be present.

In order to complete the admission process, students must bring the following items on the date the admissions representative is present:

  1. $45.00 application fee.  This is a non-refundable fee.  This is a one-time fee if the student decides to attend UNK within a two year time frame.
  2. Social Security number. The social security card is not required.  However, students must know their social security number in order to apply for admission.

If a student has previously taken classes at UNK, the student will not apply for admission but must meet with the admission representative and request registration through the automated process. 

Apply for Admission Now


Once you submit your application for admission, you are eligible to request registration. The UNK admissions representative will assist you with this process. The student must submit a request for registration with parental consent.  The UNK Registrar's Office will enroll students in the college class(es). Please note: Dual Enrollment students may enroll for a maximum of 11 hours per semester and a total of 30 semester hours prior to completion of their high school requirements.

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Billing and Payment

Upon enrollment, the appropriate fees will be charged to the student's account. An eBill will be generated to the student’s UNK LoperMail. Billing information can be viewed on MyBLUE. It is the student's responsibility to share billing information with the parent or guardian. View Student Accounts for additional payment and billing information.

Gathering Information and Selecting Courses

Review the list of dual credit courses offered at your high school and discuss your options with your parent or guardian and high school counselor.  Once you decide which course(s) you wish to take for college credit, it is important to determine how the course will transfer to the university or college you are planning to attend after high school.  Acceptance of dual enrollment credit is subject to specific institutional policy for transfer credit so it is recommended that you contact that institution before you register.

5 Important questions to ask colleges regarding Dual Enrollment credit:

  1. Does this institution accept Dual Enrollment credit?

  2. If yes, what course (course number and name) would I receive credit for and how would it apply to completion of my degree requirements?

  3. If no, what score is needed on the AP exam to receive credit?  What course would I receive credit for?  How would the AP credit apply to completion of my degree requirements? Check with your high school to see if an AP exam is available for the high school course you are taking.

  4. Will I be considered a freshman regardless of the number of credits I bring in?  (Make sure you would still be eligible for all freshman scholarships).

  5. How do the credits I bring to this institution affect the terms and amount of any scholarships that I might receive?

Students who plan to attend UNK after high school graduation and need information on tuition assistance available, may contact the Office of Financial Aid at 308-865-8520.  For information on how Dual Enrollment credit will apply toward UNK degree requirements, contact the Office of Student Records and Registration at 308-865-8527.

Contact information
Phone: 308-865-8527