Assessment Strategic Plan

Current Strategic Plan for 2010-2014
In Fall 2009, the Director of Assessment began work with the Assessment Committee to develop a new Strategic Plan that would take the university from 2010 to 2014 when the next HLC Accreditation visit will occur. The Strategic Plan for 2010-2014 (.pdf) is based on the feedback from the HLC focused visit in 2008. Much of the focus is on General Studies Assessment and the changes to the GS program assessment as a result of the new program being implemented in fall 2010. Departmental assessments and assessment of student learning outcomes in Student Life are also covered in the Plan.

Strategic Planning History
In preparation for the 1994 HLC visit, assessment guidelines were developed in the Academic Affairs Committee of the faculty Senate. These guidelines were part of the faculty handbook. The first strategic plan for assessment was developed in 2001 by Dr. James Roark when he was the Senior Vice-Chancellor of Academic Affairs. That strategic plan was used to guide efforts with developing the current assessment processes in place at UNK. It was comprehensive and provided an excellent model for guiding the development of assessment to meet the North Central Association’s accreditation criteria that were in effect at the time.

At the Director of Assessment’s request in January 2005, a subcommittee of the UNK Assessment Committee reviewed the 2001 strategic plan and compared the developments in assessment from 2001 to 2005 with the purpose of updating the plan to reflect current and future assessment priorities for UNK. The subcommittee began its work by reviewing the Higher Learning Commission’s criteria related to assessment and program development that became effective January 1, 2005 to determine how closely the current assessment program reflects the new criteria. The subcommittee then analyzed the 2001 strategic plan for assessment to determine accomplishments and continued needs. In November of 2005, the UNK Assessment Committee adopted a new strategic plan for guiding assessment at UNK for 2006-08.

In the beginning of 2008, the Office of Assessment staff developed the Strategic Plan for 2008-2010 to reflect new priorities and initiatives for the period from 2008-2010. The Plan was approved by the Assessment Committee and the Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs.