Pepsi Experiential Learning Program Procedures

Experiential learning has become a hallmark of undergraduate education at UNK. We currently fund student research projects through Programs of Excellence funding and SET Fee funding. The Pepsi Experiential Learning Program will be for non-paid internships, student teaching opportunities and other similar opportunities. It will primarily be used to help students with out of town travel and lodging costs involved with their experiential learning experience. It will be limited to a maximum of $500. 

Students are encouraged to apply for these funds. Highly meritorious proposals directly impacting student experiential learning opportunities will be approved each year. The Chancellor of the University has final approval authority for use of the funds.

Application Process: 

Applications should be directed to the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs (SVCASA), Room 1000, Warner Hall. Completed applications must include the standard form; however additional documentation that can assist the selection committee in its deliberation is encouraged. Applications require the approval of the department chair and dean of the college. Copies should be kept at the department level for assistance to students in the reimbursement process until the reimbursement is completed. 

A selection committee will review applications and recommend proposals to the Chancellor for final approval. 

The Office of the SVCASA will notify applicants of awards, once a decision has been made to fund a request or not, notification will be sent to the student, dean and department.

Application forms can be found on the Academic and Student Affairs Forms page. Please direct questions regarding the application process to Tami Plugge at 8885 or

Reimbursement Process: 

Classification of Recipient: Regardless of whether a student is employed by the University of Nebraska at Kearney or not, any person awarded a grant from the Pepsi Experiential Learning Fund will be considered a student rather than an employee for purposes of reimbursement. Please direct questions regarding the reimbursement process to Tami Plugge at 8885 or

(Revised February 1, 2021)