Tertiary Strategies

Building Use

Dual flush toilets

Pilot or develop a plan to phase-in commercial dual flush toilets where appropriate.

Automatic-flush toilets and urinals

Develop a schedule for routinely cleaning and testing automatic flush valves to ensure they are operating optimally.


Pilot a project to capture and reuse condensate from cooling coils at Bruner Hall and/or HSC. The project could engage students in curricular and/or co-curricular education.

Dish washing

Assess (or entrust someone(s) to assess) all pre-rinse spray valves in dish washing areas and replace them with water-efficient alternatives as appropriate.

Central plant

Reevaluate the central plant’s reverse osmosis study.


Landscape design (plants)

Verify that landscape designs include native and adaptive trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses, per the design palette of the 2013 Campus Landscape Master Plan.

Landscape design (soil)

Advise on new construction and renovation design standards to include preferred finished soil conditions. These standards could then be prescribed in specifications and contracts.

Central controls

Install (or earmark funding for) a centrally-controlled irrigation system that determines water needs by analyzing air and soil moisture.


Per the 2013 Campus Landscape Master Plan, verify that irrigation system mainlines are Class 200 PVC material installed at 24” depth to the top of pipe for 4” pipes and less, and 36” for pipes 6” and larger.

Backflow preventers

Per the 2013 Campus Landscape Master Plan, replace backflow preventers of the existing irrigation systems and add enclosures.