Secondary Strategies

Pilot a project to capture and reuse rainwater

Encourage Facilities Management and Planning to collaborate with faculty, staff, and students to pilot a project in which rainwater is captured and reused. Provide opportunities for curricular and co-curricular education and campus engagement during all stages of project planning and implementation.

Pilot a water conservation program or campaign

Trial a curricular and/or co-curricular program in which students (or some combination of students, faculty, staff, and community stakeholders) engage in water conservation education, behavior, and/or outreach.


ASLA Sustainable Sites Initiative

Review the American Society of Landscape Architects’ Sustainable Sites Initiative guidelines and consider requiring that new projects comply.

Professional development and training

Pursue professional development and training for the irrigation technician on the topic of managing irrigation more water-efficiently.


Occasionally check that irrigation system head layouts and spray patterns minimize over-spray onto paved areas.

Drip irrigation

Verify and assert that drip irrigation is used for shrub and perennial planting beds.

Well pump controls

Per the 2013 Campus Landscape Master Plan, create a plan to upgrade both irrigation well pumps with variable frequency drive controller panels, flow sensing, and filtration with automatic flushing.