Water Profile, Performance, & Goals

Pumping, treating, and delivering water are resource-intensive processes. Additionally, surface water and groundwater supplies are vulnerable to global climate change impacts. Thus, conserving and managing water are two of the most significant sustainability challenges.

During fiscal year 2014, UNK consumed over 126 million gallons of water. This is equivalent to 191 Olympic swimming pools and cost the university nearly $237,000 in water and sewer charges to the City of Kearney.

UNK's Water Profile (FY2014)

UNK's water profile

During fiscal year 2014, 43% of UNK's total water consumption was used for building operations (e.g., heating and cooling) or used by building occupants (e.g., laboratories, restrooms, kitchens). The other 57% of total water consumption was used for irrigation.

Water Performance & Goals

Gallons per weighted campus user

UNK's water performance and goals