Primary Strategies

Implement an Office Depot green alternative program

The Purchasing Department should partner with Office Depot to implement a green alternative program that allows purchasers to select from approved lists of products with green benefits.

Provide green purchasing education

The Purchasing Department should work with other partners to educate employees – especially purchasers – about (1) how to identify green items when purchasing from Office Depot, (2) how to make greener purchases generally, and (3) why doing so is important.

Increase purchase of green Office Depot copy paper

The Purchasing Department should increase the percentage of purchased copy paper that has recycled content, is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and/or is certified to meet similar multi-criteria sustainability standards. According to UNK’s Q1 2015 Office Depot Greener Office report, 32% of copy paper spend contained post-consumer recycled content and 14% was FSC certified virgin paper. The remaining 54% of copy paper spend was uncertified virgin paper or SFI / PEFC certified virgin paper, neither of which Office Depot considers green.

Increase purchase and use of remanufactured toner/ink cartridges

The Purchasing Department should partner with Information Technology Services to investigate the extent to which departments/offices purchase and utilize remanufactured cartridges. For departments/offices that do not do so, Information Technology Services should encourage them to pilot using remanufactured cartridges. If successful, the Purchasing Department should work with Office Depot to eliminate the option to buy virgin cartridges. Additionally, the Purchasing Department and Information Technology Services should encourage purchasers who buy from somewhere other than Office Depot to buy only remanufactured cartridges.