Energy Profile, Performance, & Goals

UNK's Energy Profile

UNK uses grid-purchased electricity and natural gas to fuel its daily operations. Though these operations are necessary for carrying out UNK’s mission, they come with a price: UNK’s 2014 energy consumption emitted the equivalent of 25,300+ tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and cost the university over $2.3 million. Thus, one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways for UNK to demonstrate sustainability leadership and conserve natural resources is to improve its energy footprint.

Average Site MMBtu (2012-13-14) 40% Purchased Electricity and 60% Natural Gas. Avg energy costs (2012-13-14) 76% purchased Electricity and 24% Natural Gas

Though grid-purchased electricity makes up only 40% of UNK's energy profile, it is responsible for 76% of UNK's energy costs.

Energy Performance & Goals

Weather-normalized source kBtu/ft2

Energy Performance and Goals

*Instead of specifying a longer-term energy goal (which is complex to predict), we will point to the longer-term emissions goal of reaching climate neutrality by 2050. This goal will naturally drive UNK’s energy consumption and energy profile in the most sustainable direction.