Tertiary Strategies

Sustainability conference

Pilot a sustainability conference, speaker series, or symposia that has students as the intended audience.

Professional development

At least once per year, offer sustainability training and/or other professional development opportunities to all staff.

Employee sustainability pledge

Encourage employees to participate in an online sustainability pledge tool that motivates and recognizes sustainable behaviors.

Pilot a campus garden

Pilot a campus garden and/or urban agriculture project in which students can participate in organic agriculture and sustainable food systems.

Sustainability graduation pledge

Create a graduation pledge in which students pledge to consider social and environmental responsibility in future job and other decisions.

Student sustainability research

Publish, disseminate, and market student sustainability research.

Sustainability brand

The existing UNK sustainability logo is merely the recycling symbol with “UNK Sustainability” written inside. To make sustainability communications most effective, and to connect students/employees with UNK’s broad array of sustainability efforts, stakeholders should collaborate to develop a new and improved UNK Sustainability brand.

Sustainability e-newsletter

Identify an appropriate group (e.g., the UNK Sustainability Committee) to generate content for a monthly or quarterly sustainability e-newsletter. Make the newsletter available on the sustainability webpage and consider emailing it to all (or a voluntary list of) students and employees. Alternatively, or perhaps preferably, include the sustainability content in existing newsletter type communications.


Develop on-campus stimulating outdoor natural spaces rich in biodiversity for educational and recreational use.

Mobile app

Consider finding ways to advance sustainability through the UNK mobile app (e.g., a sustainability tab, information about recycling and mobility, tips for green living, upcoming sustainability events, etc.).

New construction and major renovation

Communicate a summary of the sustainability features included in new construction and major renovation projects.