Secondary Strategies

Pilot a real-time energy dashboard

Pilot a digital, real-time energy dashboard in a high-visibility campus building location, e.g. near the main entrance of the Nebraskan Student Union. Sustainability resources and information should accompany the digital dashboard.

Pilot an employee peer-to-peer sustainability outreach/education program

Pilot a program in which faculty and staff educate and mobilize their peers around sustainability initiatives and programs. In the program, employee educators are formally designated and receive formal training or participate in a UNK-sponsored orientation, and UNK offers financial or other support to the program. This sort of program would require quite a bit of organization, and could potentially be paired with the “sustainability ambassadors” program described in the Primary Strategies above.

Encourage instructors to talk with their students about sustainability

Instructors should advance UNK’s sustainability culture by leading by example. For instance, instructors could share what they are doing to make their courses and classrooms more sustainable, e.g. making syllabi available online instead of printing, utilizing sunlight instead of artificial lighting, etc. The instructors could include a few sentences about their sustainability efforts on their course syllabi and/or course/faculty webpages.

Pilot a residence hall peer-to-peer sustainability outreach/education program

In one or some of the residence halls, try developing and implementing a program (sometimes known as “Eco-Reps”) that engages students to serve as educators in peer-to-peer sustainability outreach.

Establish formal sustainability awards

Create a formal award granted on an annual basis to a student and employee that demonstrate exceptional leadership with regard to helping UNK reach its sustainability goals.

Feature sustainability regularly in The Antelope

Ask The Antelope to regularly feature coverage of sustainability through a dedicated column or a reporter assigned to the sustainability beat.

Install sustainability signage throughout the grounds

Reference the 2013 Campus Landscape Master Plan and partner with appropriate stakeholders to install signage on the grounds that highlights sustainable groundskeeping and/or landscape strategies.