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Campus Culture & Engagement Performance & Goals

Sustainability Engagement Score

Sustainability Engagement score

UNK has a tremendous opportunity (and responsibility) to provide its students with sustainability learning experiences outside its formal curricula, thus enabling the students to deepen and apply their understandings of sustainability principles. Combined with efforts to engage employees in sustainability activities and behaviors, these experiences help to impact UNK’s sustainability performance and integrate sustainability into the campus culture.

UNK’s sustainability engagement score is derived from Verdis Group’s UNK Sustainability Engagement Survey (March 2015), deployed as part of this sustainability master planning process.

As an additional campus culture and engagement goal, UNK hopes to achieve 100% of available points for the STARS Campus Engagement subcategory by 2025:

STARS 2.0 Credits
Campus Engagement subcategory
Points available (20)
Student Educators Program 4
Student Orientation 2
Student Life 2
Outreach Materials & Publications 2
Outreach Campaign 4
Employee Educators Program 3
Employee Orientation 1
Staff Professional Development 2