Primary Strategies

Pilot a sustainability learning community for faculty

Pilot a faculty learning community in which interested faculty from any discipline occasionally meet and/or have (e)discussions about (1) incorporating sustainability into their existing courses and (2) developing new sustainability courses and/or courses that include sustainability.

Institutionalize a sustainability course requirement

Develop a sustainability course requirement for the curricula of all undergraduate degree programs. Additionally, or alternatively, develop sustainability learning outcomes for all undergraduate degree programs and courses of study. Sustainability learning outcomes are statements that outline the specific sustainability knowledge and skills that a student is expected to gain and demonstrate by the successful completion of the degree program or course of study.

Improve the methodology used to inventory sustainability courses

Few faculty participated in the spring 2015 attempt to inventory UNK’s sustainability courses, which UNK references as the baseline performance measure in this plan. Develop a more strategic methodology for more accurately measuring the percentage of all courses that are sustainability courses and/or courses that include sustainability. The AASHE STARS v2.0 Technical Manual provides detailed guidance.

Incentivize faculty to expand sustainability course offerings

Offer incentives to motivate faculty to develop sustainability courses and incorporate sustainability into existing courses. Incentives could include release time, professional development funding, trainings, etc.

Explore the possibility of developing a sustainability degree program

Investigate starting a formal, undergraduate degree program focused on sustainability. This program provides a path for students to study sustainability topics in depth and provides a home for sustainability scholars within the institution.