Envision 2030

The Envision 2030 team is comprised of UNK faculty and staff who are proactively looking into the future. This group is focused on collecting ideas from across campus and working on ways to implement innovative change. We’ve met with UNK administration and have been invited to share the best ideas and work on ways to execute them.

In May of 2019, our group participated in a two-day visioning exercise. Our goal was to consider the student who is in Kindergarten now and would be a freshman at UNK in the 2030’s. What kind of innovative approach to higher education do we envision for these students, as well as others, in the future?

Be a Visionary

If you have an idea or strategy that you’d like to share, please fill out the form below and hit “submit.” Our Envision 2030 team will review each idea and see how it fits within the overall strategic plan and mission of UNK. If you provide your name and contact info, we may reach back out to further discuss the idea with you.

The UNK Strategic Plan

It is vital that we use the existing Strategic Plan as our guide through this process. Access the full Strategic Plan, or see below for a summary.

  • Goal 1: Academic Quality. Faculty and staff will ensure ongoing review and continuous improvement of the curriculum across all academic programs on campus.
  • Goal 2: Access and Success. Increase recruitment and enhance support for student success.
  • Goal 3: Quality Faculty and Staff. Recruit, support, develop, and retain a high quality and diverse faculty and staff.
  • Goal 4: Stewardship of Resources. Secure, generate, and responsibly steward the resources necessary to carry out the mission of the campus and ensure long-term institutional fiscal stability and environmental sustainability.
  • Alignment with the four NU Cornerstones:
    • Transform lives through research and innovation
    • Be the best place in the nation to be a student
    • Work hand-in-hand with partners to achieve goals
    • Win with people

$10 Ideas vs. $10 Million Ideas

One exercise that the Envision 2030 practices is generating $10 ideas vs. $10 million ideas. The thought is that $10 ideas can be easier to execute and still very impactful. Therefore it doesn’t take a lot of money to make change happen.  We still need the big $10 million ideas and we welcome those, but $10 ideas will always be more attainable. What are your $10 and $10 million ideas? Please share them with us.

For example, the new Loper Fridays concept is a $10 idea that originated in our first Envision 2030 session. We hope everyone is participating and enjoying the Loper spirit that is being shared across campus!

Share Your Ideas