Student Affairs

Strategic planning & assessment

Planning for success

Bell towerThe Office of the Dean for the Division of Student Affairs actively promotes the coordination of strategic planning and assessment efforts.

Such endeavors provides professional leadership, expertise, and technical assistance to the Division of Student Affairs in developing, conducting, and maintaining high quality assessment, evaluation, and research projects.

Furthermore, assessment efforts enhance organizational effectiveness and improve administrative practices within Student Affairs. Areas of focus in the strategic planning component are determined by the Office of the Dean, in conjunction with, the Division of Student Affairs identified priorities on an annual basis.

Ultimately, results from these projects provide Student Affairs and the University of Nebraska – Kearney community with an increased understanding of our students.

Included in the portfolio of responsibilities for the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs are:

  • Partnering with units both within Student Affairs and in other divisions and/or departments
  • Cataloging and disseminating assessment information being collected in the Division of Student Affairs
  • Writing reports and making information available to various constituencies
  • Responding to data requests from Student Affairs constituents
  • Coordinating the Student Affairs Council (SAC)
  • Coordinating division-wide planning activities

Student Affairs departmental assessments and reports

At the conclusion of each fiscal year, departments within the Division of Student Affairs submit an annual assessment and report to the Office of the Dean for the Division of Student Affairs. In addition to providing year-end reviews and analytics, each department also highlights objectives and goals for the upcoming year. Peruse the links below obtain additional information on each department's progress.

2013 departmental assessments and reports

2012 departmental assessments and reports

First Year Orientation and Transitions report

Charge for the First Year Orientation & Transition team (New Student Enrollment, Blue & Gold Welcome Week, and First Year Program):

To recommend an NSE, Blue & Gold Welcome Week, and First Year Program effective with the summer and fall semester 2011 first year and transfer student, that has as its goal to seamlessly, effectively, and efficiently connect students, as soon as possible after admission, to the University.

This could include combining the Orientation and First Year Program that was implemented Fall 2010, strategically sequencing Blue & Gold Welcome Week activities to increase active and passive engagement of students, faculty, and staff; and, enhancing the summer advising and registration component from those institutions similar in size, scope, demographics, and culture to the University of Nebraska – Kearney.

View the First Year Orientation & Transitions report

Student Success Council

In November, 2011, the Division of Student Affairs established the Student Success Council: an action-body comprised of 20 individuals, co-chaired by a seasoned faculty member (past President of Faculty Senate) and staff member (Director of Student Services), with faculty representation from all academic colleges, departments within the Division of Student Affairs, as well as, Athletics and International Education.

The purpose of the SSC was to focus on the following objectives:

  • Develop a multidimensional “student success strategy” that will account for various types of students.
  • Develop a working definition of “student success.”
  • Establish institutional benchmarks and goals, and a plan for outcomes assessment over the next five years.
  • Prioritize and recommend four to five best practice strategies that can be implemented within a five-year period that would make a significant difference in student success/retention by reorganizing existing programs, or propose/request for reallocating current resources, or a request with strong rationale using robust data from UNK, MIAA and best practice/similar size (including financial) institutions for a commitment of new resources.
  • Develop a system for regular reporting to upper administration detailing our student success progress.

View the SSC report.