Student Affairs

Departmental Committees & Advisory Boards

2014 – 2015 Student Affairs Departmental Committees & Advisory Boards
Academic Advising Advisory Committee
Amy Rundstrom – Academic & Career Services, Facilitator
Peggy Abels – Health Science
Julie Campbell – College of Natural & Social Sciences
Julie Agard – Teacher Education
Terri Sheridan – Kinesiology & Sports Science
Greg Benson – Industrial Technology
Amber Messersmith – Communications
Hannah Hulme – Student Representative
Lisa Kastello – Student Representative
Academic Success Committee
Amanda M. Glass – Chemistry
Carrie L. Kracl – Teacher Education
Karen Sutherland – Residence Life
Jaime L. Lundgren – Intercollegiate Athletics
Jennifer S. Harvey – Curriculum Librarian
Michelle M. Fleig-Palmer – Management
Pari L. Ford – Mathematics & Statistics
Stacy Darveau – College of Business & Technology
Tim Danube – Student Life
Brian Wojcik – Teacher Education
Donna Montgomery – Teacher Education
David Brandt – Disability Services for Students
Rashawn Harvey – TRiO Student Support Services
Vanessa McMurray – Student Representative
Career Advisory Committee
Aaron Estes – Academic & Career Services, Facilitator
Jamie Banzhaf – Buckle, Inc.
Jan Rodehorst – Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce
Dr. Steve Schulz – College of Business & Technology
Dr. Amber Messersmith – College of Fine Arts & Humanities
Jon Ritterbush – Library
Andrew Gilg – Student Representative
Counseling & Health Care Committee
Alexis Brisco – Student Representative
Cindy Matson – Health Care
David Brandi – Disability Services for Students
Denise Waibel-Rycek – CON-Kearney
Grace Mims – Counseling & School Psychology
Ismael Torres – Counseling Care & Multimedia
Kristin Chamness – Counseling & Health Care
LeAnn Obrecht Counseling & Health Care
Trish Holen – Counseling & Health Care, Women’s Center
Valentyna Hadley – Modern Languages
Denise Zwiener – Buffalo County Health Care Partners
Financial Aid Committee
Rashawn Harvey – Student Support Services
Amy Rundstrom – Academic & Career Services
Jaime Lundgren – Intercollegiate Athletics
Suzanne Hayes – College of Business & Technology
Diane Duffin – College of Natural & Social Sciences
Kellie Licking – Student Representative
Information Technology Committee
Renee Besse – Financial Aid, Facilitator
Deb Schroeder – Information Technology Services, Ex-Officio
Jordan Gonzales – Student Life
Laura Matthies – Student Life
Brad Green – Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions
Chandra Daffer – First Year Program
Scott Fransk – Campus Recreation
Rashawn Harvey – Student Support Services
Traci Gunderson – Academic & Career Services
Karen Sutherland – Residence Life
Ismael Torres – Counseling & Health Care
Multicultural Affairs Committee
Dusty Newton – Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions
Dr. Tami Moore – Ethnic Studies
Diane Longo – International Education
Rashawn Harvey – Student Support Services
Martin Rodriguez – Student Representative
Maria G. Soto – Student Representative
Latisha Dominguez – Student Representative
Professional Development Committee
Monica Mueller – Multicultural Affairs, Facilitator
Laura Matthies – Student Life
Becca Dobry – Financial Aid
Sarah Wald – Counseling & Health Care
Janel Walton – Student Support Services 
Nancy Weber – Academic & Career Services
James Keating – Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions
Residence Life Committee*
Shawn Fairbanks – Athletics
Matthew Mims – Counseling & School Psychology
Grace Mims – Counseling and School Psychology
Jael Roschewski – Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions
Sarah Wald – Counseling Care
LeAnn Obrecht – Counseling & Health Care
Shirley Vetter – International Education
Lee McQueen (or designee) – Facilities Management & Planning
Dan Carlson – Student Representative
Chandra Daffer – First Year Program
Scott Seeba (or designee) – Thompson Scholars
Monica Mueller – Multicultural Affairs
Student Advisory Committee
Traci Gunderson – Academic & Career Services, Facilitator
Megan Humlicek – Student Representative
Erik Lienemann – Student Representative
Soren Brunken – Student Representative
Emily Fetters – Student Representative
Kelsey Tockey – Student Representative
Kaliegh Schlender – Student Representative
Brooke Butterfield – Student Representative
Gabrielle Lehmann – Student Representative
Gianna Demiranda – Student Representative
Jordan Gibb – Student Representative
Louis Harper – Student Representative
Miranda Heeren – Student Representative
Student Affairs Strategic Planning & Assessment Team
Dr. Tony Earls – Residence Life, Facilitator
Heather Wolf – Student Life
Mary Sommers – Financial Aid
Cindy Shultz – Counseling & Health Care
Keri Pearson – Learning Commons
Monica Mueller – Multicultural Affairs
David Luker – Academic Success
Scot Fransk – Campus Recreation
Aaron Estes – Academic & Career Services
Chandra Daffer – First Year Program
Renee Besse – Financial Aid
Lee Ann Amm – Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions
Student Conduct Board (includes student conduct appellate board)
Carl Mehta – Student Life, Facilitator
Jordan Gonzales – Student Life
Peggy Abels – Health Science Programs
Tim Danube – Student Life
Rashawn Harvey – Student Support Services
David Hof – Counseling & School Psychology
Erin Hullinger – Student Representative
Kaitlyn Smejdir – Student Representative
Mary Sommers – Financial Aid
Paul Twigg – Biology
Beth Wiersma – Criminal Justice & Social Work
Pierrie Jefferson – Student Representative
Ismael Torres – Counseling Care & Multimedia
Claude Louishomme – Political Science
Matthew Mims – Counseling & School Psychology
Tom Knott – Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions
Heather Wolf – Student Life
Scott Seeba – Thompson Scholars
Student Life Committee
Jordan Johnson – Student Representative
Spencer Lowe – Student Representative
Kelly Messbarger – Student Representative
Marki Coleman – Student Representative
Shaylee Moses – Student Representative
Dr. David Rozema – Philosophy
Dr. James Cook – Music & Performing Arts
Brad Green – Undergraduate Recruitment & Admissions
Denise Christensen – Executive Director Merryman Performing Arts Center, Honorary Community Member
* Indicates that participation has been confirmed. If individuals are unable to serve, someone from the same College or group will be asked to serve.