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Spirit Squad & Louie the Loper

UNK Spirit Squad

The 2014 Spirit Squad

The UNK Spirit Squad is comprised of the Cheer Squad and the Sapphires Dance Team. Squad members represent students of the highest integrity and are exemplary representatives of the University of Nebraska - Kearney. Their purpose is to unify students, alumni, and fans in support of the University of Nebraska - Kearney, to serve the University as ambassadors at campus and community events, and to motivate and entertain the crowd while promoting school pride.

Please visit each individual team’s page for more information regarding spring tryouts, special appearances, and more. For additional information, or if you simply have questions, please contact Laura Matthies, Spirit Squad Advisor, at (308) 865-8523 or matthiesla@unk.edu. Also, visit each individual team’s page to access information and to register for our annual Cheer and Dance Kids Camp!

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Louie the Loper

Louie the LoperLouie the Loper is the famed and beloved mascot at the University of Nebraska - Kearney. Even though he has gone through a few transformations over the years, Louie remains as one of the most recognizable and lovable mascots in the NCAA Division II collegiate sports landscape.

Operated by the Office of Student Life, in partnership with the Department of Athletics, Louie is known for wearing a blue football jersey and blue shorts during the summer and fall months and a white basketball jersey with white shorts in the winter and spring. Both jerseys have the word “LOPERS” emblazoned upon them. Although each jersey changes numbers over the years, it is rumored that Louie’s favorite jersey number is 22.

A Pronghorn North American Antelope, Louie adopted the term “Loper” in the early 1950’s when the Kearney Hub, the University’s local newspaper, began using the term when covering events associated with the Department of Athletics. He can be seen at all home athletic events, as well as, special ceremonies such as Commencement, Freshman Convocation, New Student Enrollment, and Blue and Gold Welcome Week.

Louie the Loper remains as one of the most popular figures around the Kearney community, as well as the state of Nebraska. In 2011, Louie was a national finalist in the Annual Mascot Madness competition hosted by the increasingly popular Internet/television talk show SportsTalkNY.

If you are interested in having Louie the Loper appear at your next event, please contact the Office of Student Life at (308) 865-8523 or by mailing us at:

Office of Student Life
University of Nebraska – Kearney
1013 West 27 Street
Kearney, NE 68849-5310

Louie the Loper at HomecomingFUN FACTS ABOUT ANTELOPE

The Antelope is the second fastest mammal in the world and can run at speeds of more than 60 miles per hour – only the Cheetah is faster!

Baby Antelope are called Kids.

Antelopes have horns, not antlers.

According to a US wildlife census conducted in 2013, there are more Antelope in the state of Wyoming than there are people.

The Pronghorn North American Antelope live in the large groups called herds.

Antelope do not replace their horns annually. Rather, they grow continuously throughout their lifetime.

An Antelope's eyes are larger than an elephant's and their vision is eight times better than humans. In fact, Antelope can see the slightest movement from 4 miles away!

Cheer & Dance Kids Camp 2015

The University of Nebraska – Kearney Cheer & Dance Kids Camp is scheduled to take place on Saturday, February 7, 2015 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. in the Arena of the Health and Sports Center.

The campers will perform at halftime of the 5:30 p.m. Women's Basketball game located at the Health and Sports Center. Cost to participate is $25.00 and includes a camp t-shirt, snack, goody bag, and two parent tickets to the Loper basketball games that evening.


If you have questions, please contact Laura Matthies at (308) 865-8523.