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The hub of campus life and activity

Nebraskan Student UnionThe Nebraskan Student Union is a unique, vibrant facility created especially for the students, faculty, staff, alumni, and guests of the University of Nebraska - Kearney. It offers exceptional accommodations for a variety of events and number of needs.

Furthermore, our outstanding and dedicated staff members are committed to supporting the success of your event or experience at the University. Located on the first floor of the Nebraskan Student Union, the Office of Student Life takes great pride in creating a welcoming, inclusive, and united campus community.

Whether you frequent the facility every day or have stopped by on your first campus visit, we want you to feel at home. Come see what makes the Nebraskan Student Union such an awesome destination - stop by and please look to anyone serving, to enhance your visit. GO LOPERS!

Tim Danube, M.A.Ed.
Associate Director, Nebraskan Student Union

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Office of Student Life

UNK Student Life

UNITE the UNK Community by providing extraordinary opportunities for learning, leadership, and interaction for students and the university community.

The Office of Student Life provides opportunities for students to become responsible citizens and caring, competent professionals through the creation of environments that contribute to students’ intellectual, physical, social, cultural, spiritual, moral and emotional growth, and, in so doing, empowers students to become lifelong, independent learners who achieve their greatest personal and academic potential.

The Office of Student Life joins the University of Nebraska - Kearney in its commitment to be the state’s premier institution for undergraduate education.


  • Quality service to UNK students and the university community.
  • Integrity, honesty, commitment, passion, and excellence in all that we do.
  • Learning, personal development, and servant leadership.
  • Opportunities to engage with others. We create opportunities for students to be involved and continually strive to engage more students.
  • Positive, inclusive environments. We celebrate individual differences and seek to learn more about others.
  • The rich tradition of UNK. We look to the past to learn about our history and guide us as we embrace the future.

On the first floor of the Nebraskan Student Union, the Office of Student Life is your destination for help with UNK ID cards, technical support, student involvement information, and general inquiries. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and can be reached by calling (308) 865-8523. The UNK ID card office can produce new and reissued cards and name badges for students, staff, faculty, and other individuals. The ID card offers several advantages and privileges to campus amenities.

Office of Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs, located on the east corridor of the Nebraskan Student Union, mission is to diversify the campus and Kearney community by educating about and uniting people from all ethnic groups, racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, and underrepresented groups - while creating a home away from home where all students feel welcome. The office is also tasked with the recruitment and retention of African American, Asian American, Hispanic American and Native American students through programs such as new student orientation, cultural celebrations, guidance counseling, scholarship information, and career counseling. All are welcomed to stop by or call our office at (308) 865-8127.

Antelope Bookstore

The Antelope Bookstore is located on the first floor of the Nebraskan Student Union. It is the place to order, purchase, and rent new and used textbooks for university classes. In addition to books and academic supplies, the bookstore offers an extensive selection of UNK sportswear, art supplies, gifts, souvenirs, and greeting cards, office materials, and confections.

The bookstore consistently offers friendly service, competitive prices, and a wide-array of textbook selections. Visit the Antelope Bookstore website by clicking on the link below.

The Antelope Bookstore website

Facilities Reservations

Whether you want to host a small student organization meeting or an international conference on world affairs, the Nebraskan Student Union is the ideal facility to help your event become a success! With over 10 different conference and activity rooms, we have the perfect fit for your group. To reserve a room, please contact Marcia Gugelman via phone at (308) 865-8392 or email at

Welcome Desk

Welcome DeskOperated by UNK student envoys, visitors may inquire at the Welcome Desk about student events and conference activities taking place in the Nebraskan Student Union. Located on the first floor of the Nebraskan Student Union, the Welcome Desk offers a variety of items including fax services, stamps, confections and snacks, and board games to check out.

Referred to as the switchboard of UNK, the Welcome Desk is also tasked with fielding and answering phone calls from prospective students, parents, visitors, current students, faculty, and staff members.

Students can apply to become a student envoy by requesting an application at the Welcome Desk or by visiting the Office of Student Life. For assistance, call (308) 865-8401.

ATM & Loper Dollars Station

ATM and Loper Dollars StationIf you need cash in a hurry, our convenient Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) allows you to do your banking on campus. Located on the first floor of the Nebraskan Student Union, the machine is affiliated with Wells Fargo Bank. It is adjacent to the Antelope Bookstore. Also, envelops are not needed to deposit checks or cash.

Located next to the ATM is the Loper Dollars Deposit Station. This machine conveniently lets you deposit Loper Dollars to your UNK ID card account. Just insert your card, then insert your money, and your card is automatically credited. Plus, using Loper Dollars automatically earns you 20% off on all food purchases on campus!

If you have additional questions about the campus ATM or Loper Dollars Deposit Station, feel free to visit the Office of Student Life, also located on the first floor of the Nebraskan Student Union.

The Market @ 27th Street

The Market Located on the second floor of the Nebraskan Student Union, "The Market" is the largest on-campus resident dining facility. It features a buffet program and multiple meal plan options. The facility is open to everyone, including campus visitors, parents, and faculty/staff members. Cash, debit/credit cards, and point transactions are accepted at The Market. Enjoy the ultimate dining experience and click on the link below to learn more about hours of operation and meal plan choices. The Market is operated by UNK Dining Services.

UNK Dining Services website

Union Food Court

Union Food CourtWhether you need a place to gather for a conversation table or need to get a meal on the go, the Food Court is a great destination for convenient food options and a warm collegiate atmosphere. This area provides students with tables, social space, and fun programs and concert entertainment.

Additional dining facilities located in the Union Food Court are: Rustic Range (American cuisine - burgers/fries); The Lantern (Asian cuisine); Red Mango (yogurt, ice cream, and parfaits); Subway; and The Living Room (Starbucks coffee shop and bakery). These locations offer a wide variety of dining choices and are operated by UNK Dining Services.

Posters & More

Posters and MoreOur Purpose:

Posters & More is a student-staffed, marketing and advertising center. Here, student organizations can order custom designed pamphlets, posters, banners, and flyers at reasonable prices. The Posters & More advertising office desires to provide quality and affordable marketing material for student organizations and campus departments. For details, please contact us at (308) 865-8523.

Services and Prices:

Posters - $8.00 per hour plus the following:

Half size
14" x 22" (reg) $3.00
14" x 22" (hvy) $4.00

Full size
22" x 28" (reg) $5.00
22" x 28" (hvy) $6.00

Flyers & Table Tents
original $8.00/hour
copies $0.15/sheet (up to 25)

Banners - $8.00 per hour plus the following:
3 foot = $3.00
4 foot = $4.00
5 foot = $5.00
6 foot = $6.00

Other options:
Sandwich boards = $15.00
Lamination, plain paper = $0.75/sheet