Required Documentation

Once you have been hired for a new work-study position, you will need to complete hiring paperwork. This paperwork will need to be completed BEFORE you begin working. If you are hired for an on-campus work-study position, your employer will provide you with the proper forms to complete. If you are hired for an off-campus work-study position, you will need to make an appointment to complete the paperwork with UNK’s Work Study Coordinator. To schedule an appointment please call (308)865-8520 or email

The hiring paperwork you will be completing consists of the following:

   1. A Federal W-4 withholding form
   2. A direct deposit form
   3. An I-9 to verify your eligibility for U.S. employment

Please be sure to bring the following items with you to Kearney when classes begin in August so that you will be prepared to complete your hiring paperwork:

   1. Social Security Card
   2. Photo ID (ex. Driver’s License, Passport, UNK Student ID)
   3. Blank check or other official document showing your bank routing number and bank account number. This documentation is required in order to set your paychecks up for direct deposit.

In addition to using these items to complete your hiring paperwork, you will also need to provide your employer with two forms of identification from which they can make copies for their records. The preferred documents for this purpose are your driver’s license and your social security card. Again, please be sure to bring these documents with you to school.