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UNK is an institutional partner in the Nebraska Campus Compact, a statewide organization of 12 higher education institutions.  

Americorps LogoThe Office for Service-Learning serves as the link to the NE Campus Compact and is responsible for recruitment and coordination of AmeriCorps positions with the Campus Compact Scholars Program.  

Currently two AmeriCorps Member positions of 300 hours each, are available to UNK students interested in serving with the Arc of Buffalo County, a program that serves as host to these members.  The Arc serves individuals with disabilities in Kearney and surrounding areas and members help to meet the needs of the population being served at the Arc. Serving in an AmeriCorps position is a great opportunity for students to add an important contribution to their community and nation.  Building skills and understanding of this population fits with various academic fields and any student truly interest in this opportunity may qualify.  Students must be United States Citizens and must possess a High School Diploma.

Minimum Time    300 hours --- $950 stipend 
Ed Award  -    $1,175 (for tuition or to pay off student loans)



Additionally, the UNK Office for Service-Learning, in partnership with the Kearney Public Schools Foundation, serves as contact for the Rural Corps of South Central Nebraska: An AmeriCorps Program.  Positions are linked with service-learning efforts under the direction of the Kearney Public Schools.  United States citizens, interested and willing to serve, must be 18 years old or older, may be students of any institution or members of the community.     

The current grant has 18 positions for Members, serving at 2 host sites as follows: 9 positions at Kearney Public Schools; 9 positions with the Kearney Community Learning Center/Before & After School programs;  A few positions are quarter-time, consist of 450 hours and are to be completed between September 1 - ending August 31 of the grant year. AmeriCorps Members will serve to meet specific needs of children and youth coming from disadvantaged circumstances, or struggling in the classroom with academic skills, language or other issues of need. 

Members serving will receive a small monthly stipend and an educational award at the end of their service..  Once a member has successfully completed the agreed on term of service, the educational award is available to help members pay for authorized educational expenses or to repay qualified student loans. **Members 55 or older may choose to transfer their educational award to a child, grandchild or foster child. 

These AmeriCorps positions are funded by the Federal Government, through the Corporation for National and Community Service and are made available in Nebraska through ServeNebraska, the Nebraska Volunteer Service Commission.  

The following is a listing of position sizes and number of service hours for AmeriCorps positions. Each comes with a small stipend and an Educational Award at the end of the service. 

  • Quarter Time           450 hours --- $2,138  stipend   Ed Award  -   $1,468
  • Minimum Time        300 hours --- $1,275 stipend   Ed Award  -    $1,175 

Rural Corps Applications may be submitted at:

After submitting an application, please email:

When submitting at web site, select -  State and National Program, in Nebraska, apply to Kearney Public Schools or Kearney Community Learning Center..

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