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Transportation Safety

Driver Education Teacher Endorsement

For more information contact Sherry Morrow at 308-865-8259.

Requirements for the Driver Education Endorsements:
The purpose of informing everyone interested in becoming endorsed in Driver Education and what courses are needed and when they are available. If you already have your endorsement, please pass this information on to others who might be interested. There is a need for Driver Education teachers across Nebraska.

(This differs among higher educational institutions and the below only reflects the University of Nebraska Kearney program)

  • SFED 310 Driving Task Analysis
    • 3 Semester Hours
  • SFED 430 Developing Dr. Ed. Classroom Skills
    • 3 Semester Hours
  • SFED 431 Developing Dr. Ed. Vehicle Skills
    • 3 Semester Hours

Driver Education Endorsement Classes are offered in the Spring and Summer semesters. For tuition costs, please refer to: Tuition Costs

If you need help or have general questions, call the Registration Help Line at 308-865-8363

To order the textbook for the Driver Education Endorsement Classes call the Antelope Bookstore @ (308) 865-8555 or find it on the web at the Antelope Bookstore

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