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Earn your Nebraska Concealed Carry Handgun Permit. Successfully complete our State of Nebraska Approved Concealed Carry Course, then submit your course completion certificate, required paperwork, finger prints, and fee to the Nebraska State Patrol for a background check. This course is available to all eligible Nebraska residents at least 21 years old.

Important Reminders:
• This class IS NOT a basic pistol shooting course. This course is for experienced shooters only.
• Handguns or ammunition are not allowed in classroom setting. Do not bring your handgun or ammunition into the building.
• For the range portion you must provide your own handgun, appropriate factory ammunition (no reloads),and a belt holster. Please wear long sleeves and pants (no open toed shoes).

For more details and a list of frequently asked questions, visit the Nebraska State Patrol website,

027.03 The minimum safety and training requirements for a Handgun Training and Safety Course shall include, but not be limited to:

  • 027.03A Knowledge of ways to avoid a criminal attack and to defuse or control a violent confrontation;         
  • 027.03B Knowledge and safe handling of a handgun;      
  • 027.03C Knowledge and safe handling of handgun ammunition;    
  • 027.03D Knowledge of proper storage practices for handguns and ammunition, including storage practices which would reduce the possibility of accidental injury to a child; 
  • 027.03E Safe handgun shooting fundamentals;
  • 027.03F Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws pertaining to the purchase, ownership,transportation, and possession of handguns; 
  • 027.03G Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws pertaining to the use of a handgun, including, but not limited to, use of a handgun for self-defense and laws relating to justifiable homicide and the various degrees of assault;
  • 027.04 Applicants must demonstrate competency in handling and shooting a handgun  with respect to the minimum safety and training requirements; 
  •   027.04A Students shall complete practical exercises which include  practice shooting on the range. These exercises will include but are not limited to the following; drawing and firing drills, precision shooting drills, and decision making (shoot-don’t shoot) drills.  The number of rounds to be fired in practice by  each student will be determined by the instructor.

  • 027.04B The Nebraska State Patrol shall set the qualification course for the demonstration of competency.  The course shall be 30  rounds with varying distances.  The target used shall be the FBI  “Q” target.    A score of 70 percent will be the minimum to  demonstrate competency.  Participants in the Handgun Training and Safety Course will be allowed three attempts to demonstrate competency, meeting the minimum standards. 
  • 027.04C Qualification Course                            
                   Distance Number of Rounds  Time limit   
                                        3 feet      Six (6)     N/A 

                            ** Two rounds per command to fire.  One (1) repetition must be from a concealed draw**
                                   9 feet   Twelve (12)  N/A 

                            ** Two rounds per command to fire.  Three (3) repetitions must be from a concealed draw**      
                                   15 feet     Six (6)     N/A 

                            ** Two rounds per command to fire.  One (1)) repetition must be from a concealed draw** 
                                   21 feet     Six (6)     N/A 

                            ** Two rounds per command to fire.  One (1) repetition must be from a concealed draw** 

027.05 Applicants must take a written test consisting of a minimum of 30 questions. 
                The Nebraska State Patrol will provide the test questions.  A score of 70 percent will be the minimum passing score. 

Items Needed For Classroom:      

Driver's License or State Issued Identification Card
Items to bring to the range:             

  • A Holster that attaches to your strong hand side, either to your belt or a paddle holster.  No cross draw/shoulder holster!
  • Please bring a QUALITY handgun to class!  Make sure you know how to use it and it works!!!
    • Your handgun needs to be secured in a case in your vehicle.
    • All handguns will be checked by an instructor for safety purposes.
    • All handguns must be unloaded and remained cased at all times.
  • 100 Rounds of factory ammunition
  • Dress weather according because we shoot outside (also includes shoes/boots you don't mind getting dirty!)
  • Ear and Eye Protection will be provided by the Nebraska Safety Center
  • Bring something to write with to class!

 IMPORTANT RULES:                    
Any student that causes ANY safety issues or fails to leave their handgun cased and locked in their vehicle, or who brings ammunition into the classroom will be asked to leave and your conduct will be reported to the Nebraska State Patrol and local law enforcement.

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