On Campus Living Requirement

The success of students is our focus in Residence Life.  The University of Nebraska at Kearney in accordance with the Board of Regents policy established the On-Campus Living Policy as a requirement that serves important educational and developmental purposes.  All full-time students under the age of 19 on the first day of class in the fall semester are required to live in University housing for the duration of the academic year, unless one of the qualified exemptions is met.

Our research shows that students that live on campus persist to graduation at UNK at a much higher rate.  The on campus environment is close to academic resources, organized student activities that promote social interaction and exposure to new and diverse life experiences, and immediate access to staff or mentors that offer referrals and assistance.  On campus residency provides unparalleled opportunities for multi-dimensional student development and personal growth as a young adult working to meet their educational goals. 

An Exemption Application to the On-Campus Living Requirement Policy may be submitted for one of the following reasons. Documentation, as specified, is required with the completed On Campus Living - Exemption Application.

  1. Residency: The student is residing at the parent/legal guardian’s principal address while attending the University of Nebraska at Kearney for the entire academic year.  As an occupant of the principal residence, the student will commute to any classes at UNK from this address.  The principal address is located in one of the approved towns based on zip code, which are located no farther than thirty miles from the University of Nebraska at Kearney campus.
    • Provide documentation to fulfill Section I & II requirements, Section III if applicable.
      • Section I: Proof of Identity of Parent or Legal Guardian [Provide one]
        • Driver’s license – must be valid, with current address showing principal residence listing a town on the approved zip code list. If a current driver’s license is provided, only one additional proof of address in Section II required.
        • Passport – must be current, then two additional documents with proof of address in Section II required
        • Government issued photo identification – if address is not listed, then two additional documents with proof of address in Section II required.
      • Section II:  Proof of Address of Parent or Legal Guardian [Provide one form from approved list below. Two forms required if Driver’s License not provided.]
        • Valid Nebraska vehicle registration
        • Nebraska voter registration card
        • Federal, state, or local government document, issued within the last 90 days
        • Valid real estate tax statement or receipt
      • If Applicable - Section III:  Proof of Guardianship [Provide one]
        • If the student’s last name is different from the legal parent/guardian they will be living with – OR –
        • If the parent/guardian’s address they are residing at is different than the student’s permanent address on file as it appears in MyBLUE, the student must provide one of the following:
          • Birth certificate with official stamp/seal
          • Legal guardianship documentation, court issued
  2. Married Student: A state issued certificate of marriage.
  3. Student is a Parent: The student is pregnant or expecting a baby or is the parent or legal custodial guardian of a child. A certified birth certificate or a doctor’s note confirming the pregnancy is required. If the student is the father that is requesting exemption, documentation establishing paternity is required with the application.
  4. Designated Off-Campus Housing: The student will live in the CSF off-campus facility in Kearney that approximates the educational advantages of residence hall living. A letter from CSF confirming your housing for the academic year is required with the application. 
  5. Disability or medical condition: The student has a documented disability or medical condition, including disabilities protected by the Americans with Disability Act of 1990, which requires accommodation(s) that cannot be met in University housing. Exemption requests for this reason must be made with Disability Services for Students (DSS) office, phone: 308-865-8214.  Additional documentation and consultation with DSS is required. DSS will notify the student and the Office of Residence Life of their decision.  A completed On-Campus Housing Requirement – Exemption Application is required.
  6. Special Circumstance: To request a Special Circumstances exemption for a reason other than those noted, the student must submit the attached form with a DETAILED information summary explaining their circumstances for review.  Additional time for this request is needed for review. Approval of a housing exemption is not guaranteed.

If the student has already signed a housing contract, refer to the Housing Terms and Conditions for cancellation deadlines and applicable fees that may apply.  Approval of an exemption does not negate the cancellation terms.  Email a cancellation request to housing@unk.edu and provide full name, NUID, contact phone number, and reason for cancellation.

The University carefully reviews each request and accompanying documentation.  Additional documentation may be required.  Return the completed On-Campus Living - Exemption Application with accompanying documentation a minimum of two weeks prior to your New Student Enrollment day to:

Office of Residence Life, 2615 11th Ave – Conrad Hall, Kearney, NE 68849

Phone: 308.865.8519 | Fax: 308.865.8714 | housing@unk.edu


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On Campus Living Requirement Policy
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