Choose from three options that vary in number of block meals and dining dollars.  The meal plan selection is made online through MyBLUE in student housing application.


  • 220 Block Meals per semester
  • 580 Dining Dollars – equates to approximately 97 retail meals per semester
  • By the week: 14 Block Meals + 6 Retail Meals = 20 meals/week


  • 160 Block Meals per semester
  • 460 Dining Dollars – equates to approximately 77 retail meals per semester
  • By the week: 10 Block Meals + 5 Retail Meals = 15 meals/week


  • 120 Block Meals per semester
  • 340 Dining Dollars - equates to approximately 57 retail meals per semester
  • By the week: 7 Block Meals + 4 Retail Meals = 11 meals/week

Block Meals – All You Care to Eat

  • BLOCK MEALS can be used at The Market @ 27th and Louie’s Diner

  • All you care to eat per visit. 

  • Visit as often as you would like, at any time, until meals are used. 

  • Host a guest for one block meal.

Dining Dollars – Added Value

  • Dining Dollars are accepted like cash in all campus dining locations. Dining Dollars are a “declining balance account” that works on the same principle as a debit card.

  • Dining Dollars can be used at campus retailers and restaurants (Subway, Boost Market, and Java Notes).

  • New retailers coming Fall 2018! Chick-fil-A and Starbucks. 

  • With Dining Dollars, you have unrestricted daily use, in our dining halls and retail locations, until your account is used.

  • Dining Dollars can also be used to place catering orders.

What’s a block meal?

Block meals can be used at The Market @ 27th and Louie’s Diner only. Some might think of these as regular meals, and Dining Dollars – for the other retail locations - as extra meals. But now you can use your block meals or Dining Dollars how and when you want, based on your plan level.

What’s a Dining Dollar? Where can I use them? What can I use them for?

A Dining Dollar is equal to $1 which can be spent at all dining locations including, in addition to The Market and Louie’s Diner. These Dining Dollars are in addition to your block meals. The number of points (dollars) you get to spend at these restaurants depends on your plan: Loper ($580) Gold ($460) or Blue ($340). These Dining Dollars will decline based on the amount you spend throughout the semester. Looking at Dollars as full meal purchasing, based on what a meal typically may cost, you could find that using Dining Dollars you could get about 97 meals on the Loper Plan, 77 meals on the Gold Plan, and 57 meals on the Blue Plan.

Dining Dollars can be used for food and beverages at Subway, Boost Market, and Java Notes, plus The Market @ 27th and Louie’s Diner.

You can also get a reusable mug ($8.99) and reusable tumbler ($4.05) along with the To-Go Program’s reusable container ($4.99). Contact UNK Dining Services at 308-865-8428 for information.

So how many meals are these plans per week?

It depends if you’re counting just block meals and whether you’re counting five days or seven days per week.

Using block meals, with a 16-week semester, with the Loper plan, 220 block meals, that’s about 2 per day (7 days per week); with the lowest plan (the Blue, 120 block meals), that’s about 1 meal per day (7 days per week). This is just counting block meals, not your Dining Dollars.

How much do meal plans cost?

2018-2019 Meal Plan Rates
Per Semester Rates
Dining Dollars expire at the end of each semester and will not roll over
LOPER PLAN- 220 Block Meals, 580 Dining Dollars $2410
GOLD PLAN- 160 Block Meals, 460 Dining Dollars $2363
BLUE PLAN- 120 Block Meals, 340 Dining Dollars $2246

Can I upgrade to a different plan?

If you would like to upgrade to the Loper or Gold plan with more block meals and Dining Dollars, feel free! Just contact UNK Dining Services at (308) 865 - 8428 or in person located upstairs in the Union anytime throughout the semester.  The total difference between the Blue (lowest) and Loper (highest) costs you $159 per semester. So think about how much more you get in Dining Dollars and Block Meals, by upgrading.

Meal Plans Can be changed to a lower cost meal plan up until the first week of the semester.  After this date students can only upgrade the meal plan.

Can I cash out my unspent Dining Dollars for money at the end of the semester?


How do I know what my Dining Dollars balance is?

When the cashier enters your transaction at the point of purchase, your balance should compute. If you have questions, visit the UNK Dining Services office on the second floor of the Union. We recommend you make a plan for using your block meals and how you plan to supplement or be flexible with your meals with Dining Dollars so you don’t run out.

How do I know what my block meal balance is?

When the cashier enters your transaction at the point of purchase, your balance should compute. If you have questions, please visit the UNK Dining office on the second floor of the Union. 

Can I transfer my Dining Dollars to someone else or pay for his/her meal with my Dining Dollars?

You can’t transfer Dining Dollars, but you can pay for dining items for others using your Dining Dollars. Don’t forget your birthday! You can get a Free Guest Pass for a block meal.

Can I use my Dining Dollars for catering or carry-out meals?

Sure. If you want to use your Dining Dollars for pre-ordered items including to-go meals or catering, that’s fine with us. Visit for info about catering.

If I want to use Dining Dollars for a Block Meal (in Louie’s and The Market), how many Dining Dollars is it?

Breakfast $6.71

Lunch $8.61

Dinner $10.35

Brunch $8.61

Do I need to live on campus to have a meal plan?

No! The Loper, Gold, and Blue Plans are offered to all students. Visit the UNK Dining office in the Union for more information. 

Is a meal plan required for all campus residents?


What if I have special dietary needs?

Students living in University Housing who believe they may have disability-related food allergies or other dietary needs related to a disability, are requested to please contact the Disability Services for Students office by phone 308-865-8214 or email

Many students have dietary concerns that do not necessarily fall into the spectrum of disorders or disabilities. ALL students’ dietary needs and concerns are important, and our staff is trained to listen and assist our guests. If have questions about healthier eating, want to explore a particular diet or want more information about our menu offerings that correspond to particular preference or lifestyle, contact us! "Balanced U" is Chartwells' all-encompassing national award winning health, wellness and sustainability platform. Balanced U was designed to provide healthy meals through enhanced menu development and educational wellness tools to engage students and faculty about healthier lifestyle dining options. Our trained professionals can help you understand the full variety of our balanced and nutritious offerings so that you can better select delicious solutions to meet your needs.

For any questions you may have regarding our Balanced U program, please contact us at:

If seeking an exemption due to religious dietary reasons, please contact LeAnn Jochum, Associate Director Operations Residence Life at 865-8519 or email  An explanation with documentation is required for consideration and will be reviewed to see if a Campus Meal Plan can satisfy the dietary needs of the student.

Who do I talk to about suggestions and ideas for food quality, selection, and service?

UNK Dining welcomes your feedback and suggestions. You can submit comments HERE.