Know The Code

It's no secret lopers know the code

Highlights from previous Code to new UNK Code
July 2016

UNK changed its Student Code of Conduct to institute a common model that mirrors the UNL and UNO Student Codes. The new code is uniform across UN system schools. As the code was developed, input from students, faculty, and staff was gathered to ensure that new code aligned itself with UNK’s values. The new code was approved at the May 2016 Board of regents meeting. Below are 10 highlights of the differences between the new code and old code:

  1. Student statement of Values was created from student input.
    • We the students of the University of Nebraska at Kearney, as the Loper community, are proud of who we are. We are students who care for each other and are part of a community that helps us grow and prosper throughout the University and the City of Kearney. We unite in times of struggle and in times of success. We serve each other honorably and with respect and dignity, whether in our classrooms, in our residence halls, or wherever we may be. We take pride in our relationship with the City of Kearney. We are open-minded and value the intrinsic worth and ideas of others. We strive for excellence, forever carrying the banner of UNK. We are indeed Difference Makers. We are the University of Nebraska at Kearney Lopers.
  2. Implements UNK’s “Response to Allegations of Student Sexual Misconduct” as part of the conduct process into the code.
  3. Student Diversion Policy: Encourages student safety; to act in best interest of themselves or others to summon medical assistance in an emergency
  4. Better define the conduct board process and how conduct board members are appointed.
  5. The new code retains existing Academic Integrity procedures.
  6. Rehearing of cases now possible.
  7. Acknowledges the existence of related conduct boards and creates parameters within which they operate.
  8. Added the following sanctions:
    • Revocation of Admission and/or Degree—in cases of fraud, misrepresentation, etc.
    • Withholding of Degree
  9. Expelled student can request consideration for readmission after 7 years after date of expulsion
  10. Questions about interpretation and/or application of Code is the purview of Conduct Officer.

For more information visit the Student Conduct and Leadership page.