Office of Residence Life

Current Residents

Returning Student Housing Sign up Process
To apply online, click here to log into your MyBLUE account, select "Tools" and then the "Campus Housing" link.  To apply for University Heights Apartments, after you select "Campus Housing", click on Apartment Contract.

Is something not working or broken in your room?

If something in your room is broken or in need of repair, please go to our Maintenance Page to enter a work order.

Residence Hall Mail Service

Students should use the following addresses along with the appropriate student’s name and room number.

John Doe
Martin Hall
Room XYZ
904 West 27th St.
Kearney, NE 68845

Antelope Hall
1013 West 26th St.
Kearney NE 68845

Centennial Towers East
1002 West 29 th St.
Kearney NE 68845

Centennial Towers West
1014 West 29th St.
Kearney NE 68845

Conrad Hall
2615 11th Ave
Kearney NE 68845

Mantor Hall
1203 West 26th St.
Kearney NE 68845

Martin Hall
904 West 27th St.
Kearney NE 68845

Men’s Hall
1103 West 26th St.
Kearney NE 68845

Nester Hall North
905 West 26th St.
Kearney NE 68845

Nester Hall South
904 West 26th St.
Kearney NE 68845

Randall Hall
1207 West 26th St.
Kearney NE 68845

University Residence North
1601 University Drive
Kearney NE 68845

University Residence South
1700 University Drive
Kearney NE 68845

University Heights
1701 West 35th St.
Apartment Number
Kearney, NE 68845

Q: I've tracked my package and it says it's here, but I don't have a package slip! mail

A: When a package is tracked and listed as “arrived”, that means the package has either arrived at the UNK Post Office or is in transit. If the package arrives on campus before the final mail run has started, that package will arrive that afternoon and will be processed by 3 PM. If the package arrives after the final mail run, it will not be processed until the next day.

University Mailroom

The campus mailroom is a contract station of the United States Post Office. Advantages of operating as a contract station are selling of stamps, stamped envelopes, postal cards and mailing of personal letters and packages to the public. This service is provided during the hours of 10:00 AM to noon and 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday only. The mailroom is located in the Memorial Student Life Building. Click here for more information about the University Mailroom.

United States Postal Service Holiday Closing Schedule

On United States Postal Service holiday closings, no mail from the United States Postal Service will be received for the University or mailed from the University. United States Postal Service mail received to the University on these designated holidays will not be processed until the next business day.

National Holidays:

New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

Additional Holiday's Observed:

Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, and Veterans Day

Room and Board Rates and Contract Information

For account information, please visit the Student Accounts web page.

Residence Hall Room Rates

Residence hall room rates include charges for Internet and HD cable with HBO, local phone service and all utilities. For Room Rate information click Here!

Contract Information

For 2014-2015 Contract information click Here!

For 2015-2016 Contract information click Here!

Hall Amenities and Rentals


UNK also offers the following rental options:


Now accepting reservations! Click Here!


Lofts are available for rent from College Products. Click Here to order and browse their website. (School Code:UNK)

Services and Conveniences

The Office of Residence Life coordinates all campus housing and is dedicated to maintaining an environment conducive to educational and personal development.Each residence hall is supervised by a live-in Graduate Hall Director and is staffed by Resident Assistants who live on each floor.

Room Amenities

Each double occupancy room comes equipped with:

  • two twin beds(Beds can be bunked or lofted to maximize floor space. Please contact to rent a loft.)
  • two desks
  • two desk chairs
  • closet and dresser space
  • window coverings
  • one cable TV outlet- TV must have HD capabilities
  • two computer ports for direct connection

Hall Amenities
  • Computer labs with access to the UNK mainframe computer network
  • Bike Racks
  • TV Lounges
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry facilities - unlimited use
  • Quiet study areas
  • Recreational space
  • High speed Internet access
  • Basic cable television service
  • Basic furnishings
Front Desk Services

Every hall manages a front desk operation, which serves as the hub of the community. From the front desk you can do the following:

  • receive your mail/packages
  • check out vacuums, games, and cleaning supplies
  • access to your room if you are ever to lock yourself out
  • receive lock-out keys
  • make photocopies

Living Together

Living on campus is a wonderful experience but below are a few processes in place to make your stay as home like as we, UNK, can make it.

Roommate Agreements

Residents who are assigned roommates are asked to fill out a roommate agreement; this three part agreement provides both roommates the ability to state lifestyle preferences and personal boundaries to which both parties agree. Some examples are:

  1. Guests
  2. Housekeeping
  3. Waking up and going to sleep
  4. Music and TV use

Other personal preferences are included as well. The purpose of this agreement is to create an atmosphere for mutual respect and understanding between residents who share a living space. If a conflict occurs, this agreement serves as a starting point to resolve any issue or complaint and to help generate a solution that both residents can agree on.

Room Mediation

It is required to attempt and is strongly encouraged that the mediation process be done if a room disagreement is to occur. The mediation process is as follows: Both roommates set up a time with their RA. The RA will follow the mediation form, found in the appendix of the Office of Residence Life Staff Manual. After the roommates have generated a solution, they will be asked to follow through with this solution for a week. A follow up meeting with the RA and possibly the Graduate Hall Director (GHD) or Complex Director (CD) will be held. If the solution the roommates generated still is not working, a possible move may result.
*Please know that no guarantees are given, but Residence Life will try their best to create a great living experience for all students that UNK houses.

Room Change Process

If you want to change your room, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the hall you want to live in and request to be on their wait list or ask if there is an open space.
  2. If there is an open space. Go to your current Graduate Hall Director/Complex Director (GHD/CD) to obtain a signed room change form.
  3. From there you will take the room change form to your new CD/GHD. The CD/GHD will complete the form and check the you in to your new space, you will fill out a new RCF and receive new keys.
  4. After signing the new RCF, you will be given three business days to complete the move from your old room to your new one. For example, if you move in on Monday, you will have until Thursday to complete your move.
  5. After you have removed all belongings from your old room, you will check out with an RA.
  6. The RA will review the previous room RCF to assess the room for damages and take your keys.

Antelope/Nester Waiting List Spring 2015

Students wishing to live in Antelope or Nester Halls for the Spring 2015 must be a sophomore or above and have completed the on-line housing application. If you have not completed an online housing application, please go your MyBLUE Account. Once you have filled out the on-line application you may fill out the on-line Spring 2015 Antelope Nester Complex Waiting List Form.

For more information please contact:

Matt Allbright, Antelope/Nester Complex Director

Residence Hall Leadership Opportunities

There is a positive correlation between academic success and campus involvement; research has shown that involved students do better academically, and have more success in the job market upon graduation. The residence halls provide an opportunity for community involvement, as well as a chance to develop leadership skills.

The following is an overview of the groups/organizations that are available to become involved with in your residence hall community:

Community Assembly

Community Assembly serves as a catalyst for ideas and hall spirit, and is the cornerstone of hall identity. Community Assembly actively deals with departmental issues and works on projects that grow out of the interests and needs of hall residents. Recycling and energy issues, fundraising, planning special programs and events, reviewing hall and housing policies, and hall improvements are typical issues that Community members address during weekly meetings.

Students are encouraged to become involved in residence hall government. Each hall has its own governmental system. Like any other concentration of people within boundaries, the residence halls function best when positions of leadership, organization, and representation are established. For this reason, each hall selects a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, and representatives for the Community Assembly organization (further defined below).

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

RHA is the overall representative governing body for the residence halls. RHA promotes a positive on-campus living environment by addressing and representing the residence hall system as a unit in determining issues and concerns affecting all on-campus residents. In addition to promoting inter- and intra- hall programming, RHA supports and sponsors programs and events between halls and other campus organizations. Other opportunities for involvement in RHA include regional and national affiliation and conference attendance.

RHA Executive Officers include: President, Vice President, National Communications Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, NRHH President and Programming Chair. The responsibilities these officers have are as follows: attend weekly executive and general body meetings, participation in hall training and team-building exercises, attend campus-wide training workshops offered for individuals in leadership, actively participate in or lead hall and RHA committees, serve as a liaison to all halls in an effort to keep halls informed of activities and opportunities, and generate ideas and enthusiasm for hall projects and activities.Click [here] for more information on RHA.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH)

NRHH provides recognition for the top 1% or students living in the residence halls who have shown outstanding service and leadership. NRHH promotes such activities as "Of the Month" awards in programming and individual leadership. NRHH also promotes and sponsors programs which encourage leadership development for students. Click [here] for more information on NRHH.

Greek Life

Each Greek organization provides numerous leadership experiences for members and a wide variety of opportunities to get involved on campus and in the Kearney community. Click [here] for more information on becoming a member of the UNK Greek community.