Office of Residence Life

Break & Summer Housing

Break Housing

  • All residence halls will remain open during Fall Break and Thanksgiving Break.
  • Antelope/Nester, CTE, CTW, Randall and Mantor Halls will remain open during Winter Break for students already residing in those halls.
  • All other residence halls will be closed during Winter Break when classes are not in session.
  • During the Winter break period, food service is not provided.
  • Some services will not be available during breaks. A staff member is on call 24hours during all breaks.
  • Guests are not permitted for security reasons. Unless you are permanently assigned to a break hall, break accommodations are NOT guaranteed. There is an additional charge per semester to occupy a break housing hall.

Summer Housing

Generally, one residence hall is open for Summer student housing. Students who are enrolled for at least one Summer school course and/ or are enrolled full time for Fall are eligible to apply. To apply, please click here to download the Summer School Housing Reservation Form. Once completed please submit this form to the Office of Residence Life in the Lower Level of Conrad Hall. If you have any questions about Summer Housing please contact us in the Office of Residence Life at 308-865-8519 or at

Summer 2014 Housing Rates:

2 Bedroom Suite - $151.00 per week
4 Bedroom Suite - $147.00 per week

Summer 2014 Meal Plan Options:

19 Meal Plan - $145.00 per week
3 Meals/Day, Monday - Friday and 2 Meals/Day, Saturday and Sunday