Office of Residence Life

Terms and Conditions of Current Housing Contract 2014-2015

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Below you will find the future terms of the residence hall contract. For the future terms of the University Heights Apartment contract please select the link.

Student Responsibility

This University reserves the right to determine, designate, change/or restrict the utilization of university housing managed facilities or areas within the facilities and grounds and to make/or change student assignments and roommate assignments accordingly at any time.

The student must read all housing information provided before signing the housing contract. If the student is under 19 years of age, a parent or guardian must also read all housing information provided before signing the housing contract. By signing the contract, the student or guardian understands and is obligated to abide by the terms.

Contract Period and Cancellation

The student guarantees payment of this contract and understands that the contract is binding for the full academic year. For any student living on campus, including University Heights and the Greek Chapter Houses, a cancellation fee of $500 will be assessed if he or she breaks the contract. For those students graduating, withdrawing from school, getting married, dropping below full-time status, studying abroad (approved program) or performing student teaching/academic internship, and military service requiring students to live outside the Kearney area (documentation may be requested), there is no contract cancellation fee. New students must cancel in writing to the Office of Residence Life by June 1st to avoid a $500 cancellation fee. The Board of Regents and the University of Nebraska at Kearney require all full-time students under the age of nineteen on the first day of fall semester to live on campus for one academic year. This residency requirement serves important educational and developmental purposes. Students prosper in stable living environments that are close to academic resources and organized student activities that promote social interaction and exposure to new and diverse life experiences, and that afford supervision, counseling and other assistance as my be needed. On-campus residency provides unparalleled opportunities for multidimensional student development, and is part-and-parcel of the university's broad educational program.

Housing Eligibility

Only enrolled students, designated guests of the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and UNMC are eligible for University housing.  Students must maintain full-time student status at the University of Nebraska at Kearney to maintain eligibility for housing.

On Campus Residency Policy

All full-time students under the age of 19 on the first day of class in the fall semester are required to live in University housing for the duration of the academic year. The only exceptions to this requirement are if:

  • The student is living in the Kearney community (defined by UNK as absolutely no farther than 30 miles from the Kearney campus) with parent(s) or legal guardian(s).
  • The student is married, a single parent, or has a documented disability, which makes it impractical to meet the housing requirement;
  • The student will be living in certain off-campus facilities, which approximate the educational advantages of residence hall living and meet specified requirements.

A housing exemption will only be granted after the appropriate forms have been obtained and completed with the appropriate supporting documentation. The Housing Contract Exemption and Appeal form can be obtained from the Office of Residence Life or downloaded from the University's website. The form needs to be returned to the Office of Residence Life with supporting documentation. The Housing Exemption form will be given to the Housing Exemption Committee to be processed for approval. The student will then be notified if their housing exemption request has been approved. The student should wait to complete the housing contract until they are notified of the decision regarding their submission for exemption.

Family Housing

Students, who are married and/or have custody of children, please contact Office of Residence Life at 308-865-8519 for an application to University Heights.

Winter Break Housing

Antelope/Nester, CTW, Randall and Mantor will remain open during Winter Break for students already residing in those halls. All other residence halls will be closed during Winter Break when classes are not in session. During the Winter break period, food service is not provided. Guests are not permitted for security reasons. Unless a student is permanently assigned to a break hall, break accommodations are NOT guaranteed. There is an additional charge per semester to occupy a break housing hall that is included in the price of the room. If the student decides to check-out of their residence hall prior to the start of the semester, additional break housing fees may apply.

Processing Fee

The non-refundable, one-time application fee of $50 for first time applicants must be received with the Housing Contract before processing. The contract is valid and binding from the time it is accepted by the University through the end of the academic year.

Housing Assignments

The Office of Residence Life makes returning residents' room assignments first, then assigns new students housing according to the date the Housing Contract and Processing Fee are received in the Office of Residence Life. Room space will be assigned by the Office of Residence Life. The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to reassign the student's room space. Housing assignments will be mailed beginning in June. The assignment letter will include:

  • Hall and room assignment;
  • Room status (double, single, etc.);
  • Roommate name, phone number, and address.

No Shows

Any students not occupying his or her assigned room by 5:00 pm on the first day of classes shall be considered a no-show and will have his or her contract canceled at that time unless he or she has filed an official notification of delay of arrival (written notice submitted and accepted by Office of Residence Life) by 5:00 pm on the first day of classes. No-shows who remain enrolled as students at UNK are required to be in compliance with the on-campus residency requirement.

Single Rooms

If space permits, excluding Antelope and Nester Halls, single rooms will be made available for an additional charge.

Contract Changes

All room changes will cease two weeks before the end of the fall and spring semester. Students may request to change rooms two weeks after the halls open at the beginning of both the fall and spring semester, and must have prior approval from the Graduate Hall Director(s) or Complex Director(s) involved. No room changes will be granted two weeks prior to the end of the fall semester or two weeks prior to the end of the spring semester. After all temporary assignments have been reassigned, students assigned to a double room who have a roommate move out may choose:

  • Reassignment to another room;
  • Assignment of a new roommate;
  • Assignment of the room as a single room space permitting (for an extra charge);
  • To be consolidated by staff within the building.

It is the responsibility of the resident to notify the Graduate Hall Director or Complex Director of their intentions. Failure to do so may result in being reassigned by the Office of Residence Life or assessed the single room fee.

**By federal law and University policy, room assignments cannot be made or changed on the basis of race, color, religion, disability, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.

Temporary Rooms

In some cases it becomes necessary to assign students to "temporary rooms." For example, a temporary designated triple room*, a converted lounge or a large end room. As soon as space becomes available, students are assigned to a regular double room. The temporary spaces may not be equipped with all the furnishings of a regular room. If a student will be assigned to a temporary arrangement, the Office of Residence Life will notify the student before his or her arrival on campus. The Office of Residence Life further reserves the right:

  • To assign students to converted lounges
  • To designate a student as a “Temporary Assignee” in large rooms not designated or furnished for permanent triple occupancy.

*This excludes Men's Hall permanent triple rooms.

Temporary Assignee

If we need to assign a third person to a room, the last person assigned to that room will be designated as the Temporary Assignee. This person is also the first person who will be moved to a permanent room space when a space becomes available.

Office of Residence Life will require the student designated as the “Temporary Assignee” (last person assigned, first person out) to move as permanent space becomes available. Any student designated in a room with a “Temporary Assignee” after 5 p.m. on September 7, 2014, will be eligible for a reduction in their room fee until offered a permanent space. Any expense incurred by the student moving from a temporary space to a permanent space will be the responsibility of the student.


Rooms may be occupied only by the students to whom they are assigned.

Termination of Contract

UNK reserves the right to terminate the Housing Contract if any one of the following applies to the student:

  • Is no longer enrolled as a full-time student;
  • Fails to claim the assigned room space before 5:00 pm on the first day of classes each semester;
  • Fails to attend class for14 consecutive calendar days without the consent of an authorized agent of UNK;
  • The behavior of the student is deemed not acceptable in accordance with University policies and group living community standards;
  • Fails to maintain the room space assigned in a reasonable state of sanitation and neatness;
  • Willfully violates any policy or procedure as prescribed in the Housing Contract, contract terms or University publications;
  • Willfully fails to admit an officer/agent of the University for reasonable inspection or fails to comply with directions issued by an agent/officer of the University;
  • Has displayed behaviors that are harmful, threatening, and/or endangering to his/her own life and/or the welfare of others;
  • Is involved in tampering with fire protection systems;
  • Possess a firearm or other weapon on University property;
  • Is involved in assault or bodily harm to another;
  • Is involved in the use, manufacture, possession, and/or sale of drugs on University property;
  • Is involved in theft or possession of stolen property.

Upon notice to the student, the Office of Residence Life may terminate the Housing Contract for any breach of contract by the student. The student will vacate the room within 24 hours and pay all associated University charges and/or damages. Any student whose contract has been terminated for policy violations will be held responsible for full payment of the contract.


The student is responsible for reading and abiding by all policies set forth by the University of Nebraska at Kearney, the Office of Residence Life, UNK Catalogue, UNK Code of Conduct, and subsequent written notices.

Food Service

Students living in the residence halls are required to have a meal plan. Food service is not provided during the Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring Breaks.

Students with Disabilities

Students requiring special room accommodations because of a disability or medical condition need to contact the Office of Residence Life a minimum of eight weeks prior to the desired move-in date. Such early contact will allow for individual needs to be determined before the student arrives on campus. This University reserves the right to determine, designate, change/or restrict the utilization of university housing managed facilities or areas within the facilities and grounds and to make/or change student assignments and roommate assignments accordingly at any time.

Hall Fees

At the beginning of each term (Fall and Spring), students will be charged $15.00 to their student account. This fee is non-refundable. The fee will be divided as follows:

  • Hall social fee ($10)
  • Residence Hall Association Dues (RHA)($10)
  • METS payment ($10)

The $10 Hall Social fee funds programs and activities for students. The $10 RHA fee funds on campus programming for all on campus students. METS stands for Managing the Environment through Students. Money from this account will offset common area damages that occur in the hall. Money that remains in the fund at the end of the year will be used to purchase hall improvement items that benefit the residents. These fees are non-refundable. Please see the Student Handbook for an explanation of fees.


Non-dangerous fish which live completely underwater are the only pets permitted in the halls. No cats, dogs, gerbils, snakes, birds, crabs, turtles, frogs, spiders, etc; only fish are allowed. Aquariums may be no larger than 10 gallons.


Students are encouraged to contract for personal property insurance coverage, as the University will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property kept on University property.

Loft Construction

Residents are not permitted to construct lofts or bunk beds. More information on loft rental will be included with the housing assignment packet.

Damages and Lost Keys

Students are responsible for loss/damages to University property and will be assessed accordingly.


Students are responsible for reporting any maintenance concerns by completing a work order within 24 hours. Emergencies should be reported immediately to the live-in staff or to the the Office of Residence Life by calling 865-8519.

Changes and Corrections

The University has made every reasonable attempt to make sure information contained herein is accurate at time of publication. However, we reserve the right to make corrections as necessary. Also, because the Office of Residence Life& tries to respond quickly to student concerns and to facilitate the best possible housing program, we reserve the right to make changes in operations as needed. By way of example, such changes may include, but are not limited to; location and availability of certain special interest housing, changes in dining service hours and location of break housing halls. Every effort will be made to provide students with notice.