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NRHH Executive Board 2014-2015

NRHH Purpose

We the Executive Board of the Big Blue Chapter, aim to display a commitment to recognizing service, leadership, and scholarship on the UNK Campus and in the Kearney community. We will strive to grow as individuals and as a chapter while promoting unity and forward thinking. With much Molly love, we respectfully submit this mission statement and agree to uphold its ideals.


NRHH Contact Info

President: Grace Mohr mohrge@lopers.unk.edu

Vice President of Recognition: Dallas Doering doeringdj@lopers.unk.edu

Vice President of Public Relations: Daniel Carlson carlsondj2@lopers.unk.edu

Vice President of Philanthropy: Rachel Flaugh flaughra@lopers.unk.edu

Secretary/Treasurer: Shelby Rowan rowanst@lopers.unk.edu

Advisors: Melissa Wells wellsmd@unk.edu & Josh Schuman schumanjk@lopers.unk.edu