Northwest Iowa Community College

UNK General Studies Requirements for Northwest Iowa Community College


 I.   Foundational Core - 12 Hours Required 

 Written Communication - 3 hours required

 ENG 106A                                            


 Math - 3 hours of Math or Statistics required (Math 090, 101 and 104 do not count as General Studies)

 MAT 110A, 121A, 130A, 156A


 Oral Communication - 3 hours required

 SPC 112A


 Democracy in Perspective - 3 hours required

 MMS 101A


 II.   Portal Course - 3 Hours Required 

Students may take any course numbered 188 in any department to satisfy the portal requirement.  Students are strongly encouraged to complete the Portal course requirement during their first or second semester at UNK.  Students transferring in 24 or more hours of General Studies credit are exempt from taking the Portal.


 III.   Distribution - 27 Hours Required (22 hours in minimum requirements; 5 hours of electives)

 Aesthetics - 3-6 hours required

 ART 101A, MUS 100A


 Humanities - 6-9 hours from at least two disciplines required  

A. English                       

 LIT 101A, 110A & 111A, 150A & 151A

B. History 

 HIS 110A, 111A, 151A, 152A

C. Modern Languages


D. Speech


E. Philosophy



 Social Sciences - 6-9 hours from at least two disciplines required

A. Criminal Justice                   


B. Economics

 ECN 120A, 130A

C. Ethnic Studies


D. Family Studies and Interior Design

 PSY 261A, SOC 120A

E. Geography


F. Industrial Technology


G. International Studies


H. Political Science

 POL 111A

I. Psychology

 PSY 111A, 121A 

J. Sociology

 ANT 105A, SOC 110A 

K. Social Science


L. Speech


M. Women's Studies



 Natural Sciences - 7-11 hours from at least two disciplines required, at least one of the courses must have a laboratory component.

A. Biology                    

 BIO 102A & 103A & 106A & 107A, 183A & 184A

B. Chemistry 

 CHM 110A & 111A

C. Geography


D. Physics and Physical Science

 PHS 110A & 111A, 142A


 Analytical & Quantitative Thought - 0-6 hours required



 Wellness - 0-6 hours required

 BIO 151A, PEA 134A, 174A                          


 IV.   Capstone Course - 3 Hours Required 
Students may take any course numbered 388 in any department to satisfy the capstone requirement.  The Capstone is open to juniors and seniors, and to students within 6 hours of completion of their General Studies requirements.

Total Hours Required for General Studies = 45