Transfer Student FAQ's

Transferring schools is a big decision, and the Registrar's Office wants you to feel confident about how your completed coursework will transfer to UNK. If you are not seeing your questions below, or you want further information, please contact us at or call 308-865-8527.

Who decides how classes transfer?

The Registrar's Office evaluates the transfer work for courses applicable to the UNK General Studies Program requirements. If a specific major has been indicated, the official transcript is forwarded on to the appropriate academic department to be evaluated.

Some requirements to keep in mind:

  • Only official, sealed transcript(s) from each college/university previously attended will be considered
  • Credit hours earned with "C" or better will transfer ("C-" does not constitute a "C")
  • a maximum of 66 semester credit hours may be transferred from two-year or community colleges

For complete policy and procedures, please click here: Transfer Policies

Is there an orientation for transfer students?

Yes! First, students who are interested in applying to the University of Nebraska at Kearney should contact the Admissions Office for information on the transfer process.

Transfer Day is a half-day orientation for transfer students. Students must be admitted to UNK and must also register to attend a Transfer Day. Dates accommodate transfers for any term, and are available in April, May, June, July and December. To register for a Transfer Day, log in to MyBLUE and fill out the registration form located under the Admissions tab. The Admissions team can also help you with our online orientation if you are unable to make any of the scheduled Transfer Days. If you need help signing up for a Transfer Day or have questions about the online orientation, please call the UNK Admissions Office at 1-800-KEARNEY.

Are there scholarships for transfer students?

Yes! We have several scholarships available. For more information on these, click here: Transfer Student Scholarships

How will credits transfer to a degree?

The UNK Registrar's Office evaluates transcripts for any General Studies requirements. If any completed coursework could be considered for degree requirements, the academic department will review those courses.

College of Business and Technology:

College of Fine Arts:

College of Natural and Social Sciences:

College of Education:

Are transfer credit grades counted in the GPA?

Grades earned at another institution do not become a part of the student’s UNK cumulative grade point average except those earned at another campus of the University of Nebraska.

Grades earned since July 1st, 1991 at another campus of the University of Nebraska (UNL, UNO) will become part of the student's UNK cumulative GPA. UNMC professional credits are not included. If there are any questions about earned credits at another University of Nebraska campus, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Are transfer students notified about viewing transfer credit?

Official transcripts are sent to the Office of Admissions and then forwarded to the Registrar's Office for evaluation. Once students are admitted, the Registrar's Office evaluates the transfer work for courses applicable to the UNK General Studies Program requirements. An email is sent to the student's UNK email address notifying them that all transfer credit has been entered to their student record in MyBLUE and to the degree audit. If a specific major is indicated, the official transcript will be evaluated by the appropriate academic department at Transfer Day orientation. The degree audit will be updated with any evaluations from the department and the student will receive an email indicating these changes within their first semester at UNK. The degree audit will summarize institutional requirements, the General Studies requirements, any designated major/minor requirements and will indicate how the transfer credit applies to these requirements.

How do students from UNL and UNO transfer to UNK?

Procedures for students who are currently pursuing a degree at UNL or UNO and want to pursue a degree from UNK can be found on our Change of Campus website.

For more information on taking classes at UNL or UNO as a visiting student, please visit our Intercampus Registration page. Also note, University of Nebraska intercampus students are eligible to early register at UNK and may do so at their appointed time by contacting the Registrar's Office at 308-865-8527.

Can a UNK student replace a previously earned transfer grade from UNL or UNO?

UNK students can re-register for courses previously taken at UNL or UNO in order to improve their grade.

Students should consult the UNK Transfer Guide and refer to the UNL and UNO equivalencies listed before registering for courses at UNK to ensure registration for the equivalent class. The grade from the most recently completed course will stand.

Please contact the Registrar's Office with any questions.

Can transfer students replace a class taken at UNK with an equivalent course from another institution?

No, students cannot replace a class taken at UNK with an "equivalent" course at another institution. The UNK course stands and the transfer course would not be brought in because it would be considered duplicate credit. If the student received an "F" at UNK and did not earn credit, we could transfer in the equivalent course from another institution, but the "F" would remain on record.

Exception: see "Can a UNK student replace a previously earned transfer grade from UNL or UNO?" in Transfer Student FAQ's.

Why is a course "rejected" or missing completely?

There could be several reasons.

It is institutional policy that UNK accepts a maximum of 66 credit hours from a 2-year or community college. The Registrar's Office will reject credit based on the remaining requirements needed as reflected in the degree audit, and typically rejects elective courses that did not fulfill a requirement. If you need further explanation or would like a course reviewed, please contact us.

Credit hours earned with "C" or better will transfer, so grades at "C-" and below would result in a rejected or missing course.

UNK does not automatically award transfer credit for classes taken as Tech Prep. Should you want to petition to have those credits accepted, you need to provide a complete course syllabus of the high school course to the UNK Registrar's Office to initiate the review process.

As always, you can contact the Registrar's Office and we can look into your specific situation.

Please refer to the Transfer Policies for additional information.

Will lower division classes satisfy upper division course requirements?

Courses taken at a transfer institution at the 100-200 level (lower division) may transfer as a 300-400 level (upper division) course, however such courses do not apply toward the 40 hours of upper level credit required. The institution where the credit is taken determines the course level.

What about remedial or developmental credit?

UNK does not transfer credits for courses taken as remedial or developmental.

Please refer to the Transfer Policies for specific information regarding UNK transfer credit policies.

What about Tech Prep courses?

UNK does not automatically award transfer credit for classes taken as Tech Prep. Should students want to petition to have those credits accepted, they should provide a complete course syllabus (from their high school course) to the UNK Registrar's Office to initiate the review process.

What about military credit?

A maximum of 4 semester credit hours is awarded for Basic Training upon receipt of the official military transcript. Additional semester credit hours may be awarded for additional military education as recommended by the American Council on Education Guide and the applicable UNK academic department.

What about international credit?

Students who attended a foreign university or college and who wish to have their credits considered for transfer to UNK must provide to the Registrar's Office:

  1. An official transcript from the institution reflecting all courses attempted and grades received
  2. A professional credential evaluation completed by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). See for a complete list of member agencies or contact the Registrar's Office for an approved list.
  3. Complete course descriptions for each course to be considered for transfer
  4. Other information regarding previous educational experience as requested

The Registrar's Office will work with appropriate academic departments to evaluate credits for transfer when all documentation has been submitted. Evaluations will only be done for students who have been fully admitted into a degree seeking program at UNK.

Does UNK accept transfer credit for my Graduate degree?

Yes! UNK requires an official, sealed transcript(s) from the college/university (a) at which the bachelor’s degree was earned; and, (b) at which other graduate course work was completed to be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

Only credit hours applicable to the student’s Graduate Program of Study at UNK, as approved by the Graduate Dean, will transfer to UNK and be recorded on the transcript.

How do students register for classes?

Transfer students and University of Nebraska change-of-campus students are encouraged to attend one of the Transfer Day events in order to obtain full benefit from academic advising, receive their program evaluation and other valuable information on UNK programs and services. Instruction will be provided on the MyBLUE system and students will complete their registrations that day.

All students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney complete class registration via MyBLUE. MyBLUE is the interactive web interface that allows students to register, drop/add classes, check an existing class schedule as well as obtain information on registration holds and grades. It also offers additional features such as access to address information, the complete schedule of classes, account balance, grades, and financial aid. Access to the system requires that the student be fully admitted to UNK, have his/her NUID, and a password.

Complete details and registration instructions are available on MyBLUE.