Transfer Policies and Procedures

Admission Information
Transfer students that are interested in applying to the University of Nebraska at Kearney should contact the Admissions Office for information on the transfer process.

Office of Admissions
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kearney, NE 68849
(308) 865-8526

Transfer of Credit Hours - Undergraduate

Students transferring to UNK from another post-secondary institution should be aware of the following policies and procedures regarding the award of transfer credit.


  1. Only official, sealed transcript(s) from each college/university previously attended will be considered by the Registrar’s Office for the award of transfer credit. *
  2. Credit hours earned with “C” or better will transfer (a "C-" does not constitute a "C").
  3. All credit hours transferable are converted to semester credit hours (e.g., one-quarter hour equals 2/3 of a semester credit hour).
  4. Grades earned at another institution do not become a part of the student’s UNK cumulative grade point average (except those earned at another campus of the University of Nebraska UNL, UNO, UNMC).
  5. A maximum of 66 semester credit hours may be transferred from two-year/Junior or Community Colleges.
  6. UNK does not issue copies of another institution’s transcript (exception: internal advising purposes).
  7. Applicability of courses for which credit hours are transferred to UNK is determined by:
    1. a. UNK Registrar’s Office - General Studies Program;
    2. b. UNK Academic Departments - Majors/minors/teaching endorsements.
  8. Credit awarded at another college/university for course work completed in a non-traditional manner, e.g., through Advanced Placement programs (CEEB - College Entrance Examination Board), Proficiency Tests (CLEP - College Level Examination Program), comprehensive examinations administered by an academic department, or personal experience must be validated by the Registrar’s Office and/or appropriate UNK academic departments. That is, such credits do not transfer automatically and the student must furnish official score report, etc., for consideration (CLEP score requirement: 50th percentile or better grade for UNK to award credit). Credit awarded for CLEP subject examinations only. UNK does not award credit for CLEP general examinations.
  9. A maximum of 12 semester credit hours in correspondence courses and 6 semester credit hours in religion courses from Bible colleges may be transferred to UNK from accredited post-secondary institutions.
  10. UNK does not automatically award transfer credit for classes taken as Tech Prep.  Should students want to petition to have those credits accepted, they should provide a complete course syllabus to the UNK Registrar's Office to initiate the review process.
  11. Lower level transfer courses that are equated to UNK 300-400 level (upper level) courses do NOT count toward the 40-hour upper level requirement for graduation at UNK.
  12. UNK does not transfer credits for courses taken as remedial or developmental.
  13. Credit hours transferred for a specific course equate to the credit hours earned at the transfer institution for the course, NOT the UNK equivalent course hours.

* Transcripts from non-accredited institutions, technical-trade schools, proprietary schools, industry-sponsored schools, etc. are reviewed by the UNK academic departments offering courses similar to the courses stated on the transcripts.
* The UNK academic departments recommend to the Registrar's Office which courses or combination of courses to accept in transfer, the semester credit hours to award, and the course equivalency, if any, at UNK.
* UNK reserves the right to require successful completion of specific UNK courses and/or up to two semesters of UNK course work before considering/granting transfer credit from such institutions.

Within the University System:
Kearney State College officially merged with the University of Nebraska on July 1, 1991. Since the summer term of 1991, all course and grades taken at UNL, UNO, & UNMC which are transferred to UNK are recorded on the transcript and are figured into the cumulative GPA at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Students can re-register for courses previously taken at another campus in the University of Nebraska System in order to improve their grade. Students should consult CourseFinder, the equivalency guide for the University of Nebraska System, before registering for courses. Only courses specified in the equivalency guide will replace courses previously taken at another campus in the University System.

Armed Services:

  1. A maximum of 4 semester credit hours is awarded for Basic Training upon receipt of the official military transcript.
  2. Additional semester credit hours may be awarded for additional military education as recommended by the American Council on Education Guide.

Foreign Colleges/Universities:
Students who attended a foreign university or college and who wish to have their credits considered for transfer to UNK must provide to the Registrar's Office:

  1. An official transcript from the institution reflecting all courses attempted and grades received
  2. A professional credential evaluation completed by a member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). See for a complete list of member agencies or contact the Registrar's Office for an approved list.
  3. Complete course descriptions for each course to be considered for transfer
  4. Other information regarding previous educational experience as requested

The Registrar's Office will work with appropriate academic departments to evaluate credits for transfer when all documentation has been submitted. Evaluations will only be done for students who have been fully admitted into a degree seeking program at UNK.

Transcript Evaluation
Official Transcripts are sent to the Office of Admissions and then forwarded to the Registrar's Office for evaluation. The Registrar's Office evaluates the transfer work for courses applicable to the UNK General Studies Program requirements. If the student has indicated a specific major, the official transcript is forwarded on to the appropriate academic department to be evaluated for courses that may apply to the student's major/minor. When the evaluation is complete, an email is sent to the student's UNK email address notifying them that all transfer credit has been entered to their student record in MyBLUE and to their degree audit. The student's degree audit will summarize institutional requirements, the General Studies requirements, the student's designated major/minor requirements and will indicate how the transfer credit applies to these requirements.

Transfer students who wish to receive an evaluation and degree audit prior to registration at UNK, must submit an official, sealed transcript(s) from all previous colleges or universities attended to the Admissions Office at least 30 days prior to the registration date. The evaluation states the total semester credit hours transferred, the transfer courses that satisfy UNK program requirements, and the courses/credit hours which need to be completed/earned at UNK. If enrolled in classes at another institution within the month preceding the registration date, the student must request that institution to mail a final transcript at the end of the term.  Evaluations will be provided for all new transfer students at their scheduled Transfer Day program. Students who cannot attend a Transfer Day and wish to receive an evaluation should contact the Registrar's Office. A complete evaluation will be sent to all new transfer students prior to early registration for the subsequent term.

Transfer of Credit Hours - Graduate

  1. An official, sealed transcript(s) from the college/university (a) at which the bachelor’s degree was earned; and, (b) at which other graduate course work was completed must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.
  2. Only credit hours applicable to the student’s Graduate Program of Study at UNK, as approved by the Graduate Dean, will transfer to UNK and be recorded on the transcript.

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Students who have attended another college/university and now plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree at UNK should be aware of the following UNK requirements:

All UNK admissions/application requirements must be met by students planning to earn a degree.  Please refer to the undergraduate catalog for Degree and Institutional Requirements.

Registration Information
All students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney complete class registration via MyBLUE, the interactive web interface.  MyBLUE allows students to register, drop/add classes, check an existing class schedule as well as obtain information on registration holds and grades.  MyBLUE offers additional features such as access to address information, the complete schedule of classes, account balance, grades, and financial aid. Students are responsible for updating all address information on MyBLUE. 

Access to the system requires that the student be fully admitted to UNK, have his/her NUID, and a password.

Transfer students and University of Nebraska change-of-campus students are encouraged to attend one of the Transfer Day programs in order to obtain full benefit from academic advising, receive their program evaluation and other valuable information on UNK programs and services. Instruction will be provided on the MyBLUE system and students will complete their registrations that day. Information on Transfer Days, including specific dates and reservation instructions, are provided by the Admissions Office at the time the student is accepted to UNK. Individuals who are unable to attend one of the Transfer Day programs should contact the Academic Advising Office at 308-865-8501.

University of Nebraska intercampus students are eligible to early register and may do so at their appointed time by contacting the Registrar's Office at 308-865-8527.

Complete details and registration instructions are available on MyBLUE