College of Education Program Suggestions

The College of Education offers over 43 undergraduate programs leading to teaching endorsements and non-teacher certification programs in communication disorders, sports management, exercise science, athletic training, recreation and travel/tourism. A complete listing of the programs available, their requirements, and the departments within which they are administered is available in the  University of Nebraska at Kearney Undergraduate Catalog. 

The University of Nebraska at Kearney has been a consistent leader in the preparation of educational personnel for Nebraska schools. Recent activities within the College of Education are rapidly expanding the service area of the College and significant opportunities for professional careers are being developed in a multi-state area.  These are exciting opportunities for well-qualified graduates with a major commitment to the field of education.

The general studies courses completed by students qualifying for certification is somewhat more structured than for students pursuing liberal arts degrees. As a result of this structuring, students in Education will complete one course in political science (PSCI 110), one course in Teacher Education (TE 100), one course in Physical Education (PE 150), one course in English (ENG 102) and one course in oral communication (SPCH 100).  Students completing the Education general studies sequence automatically satisfy the University of Nebraska at Kearney general studies program. Therefore, we encourage students with potential interest in Education to follow the Education general studies sequence very closely. With careful planning, the entire general education sequence can be completed during the first two years of higher education. Therefore, students and advisors in community colleges need to become familiar with the general studies requirements and follow them very carefully. A detailed listing of those requirements is presented on the following pages.

Members of the staff in the Educator Certification Office are ready to assist community college students in their planning for ultimate transfer to a Teacher Education Program at UNK. Advisors may be contacted in Room C-128 in the College of Education Building or reached at (308) 865-8264.

Majors in the College of Education

(for a complete listing of available programs see the University of Nebraska Undergraduate Catalog)

  General Studies Requirements
 for Teacher Certification 
  Health Education (7-12)     Travel and Tourism  
  Early Childhood Inclusive    Recreation & Park Management     Sports Management  
  Elementary Education     Exercise Science     Athletic Training  
  Middle Grades 4-9     Exercise Science -
 Fitness and  Wellness 
  Special Education  
  Secondary Education     Physical Education
 (K-6, 7-12, or K-12) 
 Communication Disorders 
 (B.S. in Ed.)

For additional information, contact:

Jenny Jansky
Ceritfication Officer
University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kearney, Nebraska  68849
Telephone:  (308) 865-8266