College of Business and Technology Program Suggestions

The College of Business and Technology at UNK includes the Departments of Accounting and Finance, Management, Marketing and Management Information Systems (including Supply Chain Management), Economics (including Business Education and Agribusiness), Industrial Technology, and Family Studies and Interior Design. The College of Business and Technology offers a wide array of career offerings that will provide the student with the leadership, creativity and problem solving skills necessary to find a start in a successful, rewarding career.

All departments and programs within the College of Business and Technology require students to complete our General Studies Program. Please refer to the general catalog for specific requirements. Students anticipating transfer to UNK should attempt to take as many General Studies courses as possible in their first two years of college. The General Studies courses are intended to serve as building blocks to broaden a student's background. This in turn enhances the value of upper division courses completed within a specific major.

Normally, students anticipating transfer should defer taking courses that are either junior level (300) or senior level (400) courses as defined in the University of Nebraska at Kearney Catalog. Upper division courses are considered to be professional courses that are taught in reliance upon the knowledge and skills acquired in the General Studies Program.

Majors in the College of Business and Technology
For a complete listing of available programs, see the University of Nebraska Undergraduate Catalog

Business Administration with emphasis areas in Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Accounting, Finance, Economics, Supply Chain Management.

Interior Design Comprehensive

Industrial Technology Major, Industrial Distribution Option (B.S.)

Aviation Systems Management Comprehensive Major (B.S.)


Industrial Technology Major, Construction Management Option (B.S.)

Business Education

Economics (B.A.)

Industrial Technology Major, Information Networking and Telecommunications Option (B.S.)

Family Studies

Early Childhood and Family Advocacy Comprehensive

Industrial Technology Major

For specific information on individual programs, please call either the Chairperson of the Department or Dean of the College.

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