Speech Prerequisites

Prerequisite is currently being enforced unless an additional effective date is listed.


Current Prerequisite

New Prerequisite

SPCH 188

First year freshman standing or sophomore standing only


SPCH 252

SPCH 202 or instructor approval


SPCH 270

SPCH 100


SPCH 340

General Studies oral communication requirement and either junior standing or instructor approval.


SPCH 450

SPCH 252 or instructor approval


SPCH 452

SPCH 301


SPCH 459

Senior status as an Organizational and Relational Communication major.


SPCH 475

Permission of instructor and acceptance by a cooperating organization


SPCH 499

9 hours of core courses completed or 6 hours completed and 3 taken concurrently.


SPCH 800

SPCH 890P or SPCH 899P or permission


SPCH 875

SPCH 899 and SPCH 882 or SPCH 856  

SPCH 876

SPCH 899 and SPCH 882 or SPCH 856


SPCH 882

SPCH 856P or permission