Counseling and School Psychology Prerequisites

Prerequisite is currently being enforced unless an additional effective date is listed.


Current Prerequisite

New Prerequisite

CSP 188

First Year Freshman Standing & Sophomore standing only


CSP 803

Department permission .


CSP 830

CSP 885


CSP 831

CSP 885


CSP 835

Must be accepted as a candidate for a degree; have a minimum of 18 credit hours completed on the graduate program of studies and on file; have obtained the approval of the Counselor Education Committee previous to enrollment for the course


CSP 855

Open to majors in Counseling and School Psychology with advisor approval.


CSP 859

CSP 804 or course in abnormal psychology


CSP 865

CSP 855 and advisor approval


CSP 870

CSP 855 or by permission of the department


CSP 885

CSP 855 and CSP 865 and admission to candidacy and advisor approval, or by special permission of the Counselor Education Committee.


CSP 886

Completion of CSP 885 with a grade of "B" or above and instructor permission


CSP 892

CSP 885 and permission


CSP 893

CSP 861P


CSP 894

CSP 885 and CSP 893


CSP 895

CSP 864


CSP 901

Department permission


CSP 905

Department permission


CSP 906

Admission to program.


CSP 907

Admission to program.


CSP 920

Department permission


CSP 921

CSP 855 and CSP 957


CSP 922

CSP 905 and CSP 906 and CSP 907 and CSP 920 and open by permission of the department


CSP 990

Admission to program and open by permission of department only and must be in last year of coursework prior to internship.


CSP 991

TE 802 and open to candidates for the Master's Degree or Specialist Degree in Counseling and School Psychology or by special permission.


CSP 992

CSP 921 and CSP 922 and by permission only.